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The (After) Glow Of The Party

The (After) Glow Of The Party
Pairing: Patrick Stump/Charlie Simpson Omar Abidi
Rating: NC-17
POV: Patrick
Notes: Set at this years Kerrang awards and inspired by it (although originally it was gonna be very different). Also, why are my standalones so long now? Damn ye mind.
Warnings: Bondage, dubious consent
Dedications: The usual: antontobias86, fastbetty31, bloodyhands the_glory_days

As I gazed around the room, I could hear Pete sigh beside me. "Come on Trick, it can't take that long to decide who to fuck."

I glared back at my friend, replying in hushed tones."Half of these guys either scare me or look underage." That or they'd already paired off, like those two guys from Lostprophets or 30 Seconds To Mars.

"This is Britain Trick. Kids can fuck here if legally they're over 16." Pete Wentz, walking database on the sex laws of the globe. "So pick one and go get laid."

It was easy for him to say that, he'd probably do half the guys here and bend over for the rest. Well, the ones he hadn't been with already. Not that any of them would take him seriously with the monkey on his shoulde. Well, when they were sober anyway. Again, I studied the crowd for prospects. Again, I found myself wishing Projekt Revolution was over so someone I could relate to was here.

There were the boyds from that band that won two awards (Enter Shitaki or something) who all looked too young and drunk for me. They'd probably end up being fucked by someone else though. Past them, I recognised the leader singer from Machine Head with one of the guys from The Used. I wrote them off, guessing they would end up together anyway. Especially the way they were randomly groping each other. Not that I'd go with either of them anyway, they both scared me a little.

"We'll be here all night waiting for you!" He was clearly getting annoyed by me, but I couldn't help it. "Go after... him."

I gazed at who he was pointing his black nailed finger at. "The taped-up presenter?" He nodded with a smirk. Kinky bastard. "You can't be fucking serious."

"He's perfect."


"He's a giant!"


I realised I was fighting a losing battle with Pete's questionable, perverted logic, so I left him and went towards the presenter. He wascircled with white tape that clearly restricted his movement. Maybe that's why Pete thought he was perfect for me: that he couldn't run away. I bit my lip before deciding I should talk to him. I took the last few steps towards him and gave him a small wave. "Hi, having a good time?"

He turned to look at me with his clearly drunken eyes. "Huh?" A grin spreaad across his face as he recognised me. "Hi! You... you're the cute tubby one from.... Fall Out At The Disco. Yesss."

I blinked at his words, torn between slapping him and kissing him. Before I could do either though, a guy larger then me with darkened skin stepped in. "Hey, I'm sorry you won't get much outta Charlie. He's too wasted for conversation."

I looked at him curiously, noting his slightly bad hair and round face. He was kinda cute in a strange way. "Ah, it's ok. My friend sent me over..."

"Too take advantage of him?"

"I'm sure that was Pete's idea." I answered.

He seemed to think for a moment before speaking again. "Alright."

"What do you mean?"

"You can shag him if you like. I'll help." He grinned brightly, nodding enthusiastically. "I'm Omar by the way."

I wondered exactly what he meant by 'help'. Maybe he wanted tohelp me haul Charlie out. "Erm..." Two sets of hands were better then one of course. "Yeah, sure."

"Brilliant! We can go back to mine." He grapped the taller boy by the wrist and started dragging him out, leaving me to follow in their wake. His size helped clear a path through the drunken crowd, which made it easy to follow behind them.

The car park was blissfully much cooler then inside. I was following Omar through the rows of cars until he stopped at one which was, apparently, his. He let go of Charlie, an action that almost caused him to topple to the ground, and opened thee trunk. Prompty, he pushed his friend inside before he almost fell again. Once inside he bent Charlie's legs up to his body, so that they wouldn't hang out the door. He slammed the trunk down seconds later and gestured for the passanger door. "Patrick isn't it?"

I smiled and nodded, climbing in and buckling up. As he climbed in, I wondered if it was for someone as drunk as he was to drive. I knew if I drove though, I'd end up on the wrong side of the road and crash us. "Is your place far?"

"Not really, about 15 minutes." I nodded and reclined in the passanger seat, trying to quell the slight uneasy feeling I had in my stomach. This wasn't something I'd normally do. Being in a car with a strange guy was something Pete or Ryan would do. Maybe it was the booze that allowed me to do this. He decided to break the silence and my thoughts after a few minutes."How'd you feel about winning that award? Must be pretty amazing to win one."

"Yeah it is, but we're kinda used to it now." I smiled at him, patting his large thigh lightly. "I'm sure you guys will win one, you guys are pretty good." Note to self: listen to their music later to find out if I'm being honest here.

My words seemed to please him though.

Then we fell silent again, but it was slightly more comfortable this time. I didn't really know what to talk about and, apparently, neither did he. The only topic that seemed to come to mind would be the things that were going to happen to his friend in the trunk. I'd be lying if I said such thoughts weren't making me hard. He noticed me shift in my seat. "So, are you a top Patrick?"


"I'd like to see you fuck Charlie." I bit back a groan at the thought. For some reason I hadn't even considered the possibility and it made my cock twitch in anticipation.

"Fuck, I'd like that too." My eyes lidded slightly as I felt his hand stroke my thigh briefly. It was all to brief though, for his hand was gone moments later. Must have been at a set of traffic lights or something. "How about you, are you a top?" I reopened my eyes to look at him, curious as to what his reaction would be. With him I could sense it going either way due to his size.

He merely shrugged, keeping his eyes on the road ahead. "Wouldn't know."

"What do you mean?"

"Never had the choice." I looked at him curiously, wondering exactly what he meant. Surely he'd know if he was a top or not. Then again, maybe his choice of words implied it wasn't exactly consentual. I decided not to press it any further. "Anyway, here we are." He pulled the car up outside a detached house, pulling the keys out the ignition once we were up the driveway. I followed his lead, undoing my seatbelt and climbing out of the car as he did. He undid the trunk, easily pulling out Charlie who'd now passed out. I slammed down the trunk door, making him smile gratefully. With Charlie's body in his surprisingly strong arms, he lead me to his front door. "Could you get my keys? They're in the left pocket of my trousers."

"Sure." Moving beside him, I reached into it, letting my fingers ghost over his erection through the material as I fumbled for them. I was glad he was as excited as I was about all this. Retriveing the keys, I sorted through them until I found the right one to open his front door. I pushed the wood open, stepping inside to allow him entry. The place seemed nice enough, well the hall anyway.

"Just leave the keys there." He nodded to a small table, with a bowl that I assumed he'd left there just to hold his keys. "Now upstairs, first door on the right." I led the way to what was, apparently his room. Once in front of the door, I pushed it open, gazing around. The room was bigger then I'd expected, with a double bed sticking out from one wall. The usually bedroom stuff occupied the est of the space. Wardrobes, chests of drawers and a tv with dvd player. He moved passed me and deposited Charlie onto the bed.

"Nice place you've got here." My eyes followed his movements as he unwrapped the tape from Charlie's body, setting each strip aside on the bedside table. When he was half done he reached behind his head and pulled the band that was holding his hair back from it, allowing the dark strands to cascade down his shoulders. His hair looked so much better like that. It suited him.

"Thanks.".He went back to untaping his friend, stopping to pull his arms to the corners of the bed once they were free. His hands were now pulling Charlie's jacket off, undoing a few of his shirt buttons in the process as he removed the article of clothing. He dropped it to the floor beside the bed, undoing the rest of his buttons to expose his torso for our eyes. He was fairly slim though he had both some fat and muscle clinging to his frame. "Hey, you should start undressing too."

"Huh? Oh yeah." I blushed, having been too engrossed in the sight before me to even think of starting to get naked myself. I shrugged off my own jacket, blushing more as I heard him chuckle.

"Not taking off the hat?"

"Sometimes... I..." I chewed on my lower lip, unsure of how to answer him appropriately. Sometimes I'd wear it during sex, sometimes I wouldn't. One time with Ryan he actually snatched the cap I was wearing off my head and placed it on his own. "Should I take it off?"

"S'up to you." He grinned at me, running a palm over his bulging crotch. "Personally I think it's adorable." He went back to Charlie, unzipping his fly and opening his black pants. His semi-hard length flopped against his thigh. He certainly wasn't small, I'll give him that. I licked my lips, quickly pulling of me t-shirt so I could keep my gaze on him. In the short time it took me to remove the clothing from my body, Omar had removed Charlie's pants, leaving the majority of his body on display. The only parts of him still concealled were his feet, which Omar was working on. "You look very nice." My cheeks reddened even more at his words. I'd always been self-concious, something that Pete had tried to help me out of for as long as we'd known each other. Every time he tried ended in failure though. "Very sexy."

Charlie's legs were spread wide, just like his arms now. I could just about see his crack behind his balls. It was hard to believe I'd soon be buried between those cheeks. "How about you, are getting naked?"

"Of course." He nodded in response, leaving Charlie's side to head to the nearest set of drawers. "Once everything's ready." I nodded slightly, undoing my pants and returning my gaze to Charlie's prone form. He seemed to be moving slightly. Perhaps he was waking or merely just dreaming. I pushed my jeans down my legs, keeping my eyes on him the entire time, even when I knelt down to remove my trainers and socks. Until my view was blocked by Omar that is. Now just in my boxers, I scooted closer to see what he was doing. Omar was suckling two of his fat fingers, clearly working to get them wet. I watched him, entralled by the sight. He removed the slick digits from between his lips, bringing them between Charlie's legs. I leaned in close as his middle finger pushed against Charlie's ring, an action that caused the unconcious boy to moan. Omar's finger steadily disappeared inside him, causing his legs to twitch slightly at the intusion. As soon as it was half way inside, he pulled it out and rammed it back home with the other wet finger. "He's taken more then this before now. He's a private school boy." His words meant that he'd clearly heard me gasp at how quickly he'd been able to do that.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Private school boys generally get fucked. Plus Charlie here used to be in a boy band. More fucking then." He thrust the fingers in fully to the knuckle, scissoring them roughly. "Plus he gets drunk a lot. I know he's gone home with a fair few guys. Even more just to the toilets." He flashed a grin at me as he spoke, as if that'd mean something to me. It sounded like a very Pete thing to do. "I'd give you a list, but I doubt you'd know most of them."

I nodded, understanding what he meant. I didn't have much knowledge on British bands. I pushed my black boxers down, stepping out of them and covering my hardness with my hands. I wasn't sure why I was doing that. It seemed to be an instinct thing. He withdrew his fingers from Charlie's ass, grinning at me as he did so. "He's ready for you."

He wiped his fingers on Charlie's thigh, stepping aside to allow me to take his place. As I moved between his legs, he used a pair of red ties to secure Charlie's wrists to the headboard. I grabbed the base of my cock, aiming for his puckered entrance. Before I could press into him thouh, I felt Omar touch my arm. "Wait a second..." I felt his lips against my ear as he whispered softly. "Keep your eyes on him."

"Alright." I bit my lip slightly, now curious to know what he was up to. I felt his body leave my side, but kept my eyes on Charlie's body. He was still unmoving, though his cock seemed slightly harder. I heard something click behind me and then heard Omar's voice again.

"Go on."

I didn't turn my head to see what was going on, just gripped onto Charlie's hips and pushed against his hole. His wet entrance felt tight around me as I entered him, despite Omar's fingering. I inched inside him, moaning as my length disappeared within his heat. "Fuck, he feels good."

"I'll bet."

I felt something land beside my ankle and I assumed it was Omar's shirt. I hoped so, cause that would mean he would be naked too. The thought alone made me thrust inside Charlie fully. The body beneath me trembled slightly, which made me wonder if it was an indication of him finally waking. "Gods." I pulled out of him steadily, my balls slapping against him when I re-entered him.

Omar was behind me once again, his bare body pressed into my back and the head of his length was up against my left ass cheek. "You like fucking him?""

I groaned softly and rammed into Charlie again. "Fuck yes." One of his arms wrapped around me, tweaking my right nipple to hardness. "Ar... aren't you going to fuc..."

"Do you want me inside you? Or to watch me inside him?" His other hand trailed down my spine, cupping my ass lightly.

"Can't you... do both?" I gasped softly, pushing back against him as I pulled out again. "Do me now."

A finger moved along my ass crack slowly, teasing me. "Alright." He kissed my neck, grazing the skin with his teeth lightly. He forced me down onto Charlie's body, easing the first of his fingers into me. It was then that Charlie decided to stir under me, his eyelids opening to reveal his still-drunken eyes. His head moved from my neck, though his tongue still stuck from between them to lap at the bite mark. "Kiss him." Omar's finger twisted inside me as he spoke. I nodded slightly, my lips covering Charlie's and my tongue working into the opening between them. A second digit entered me, making me moan into Charlie's mouth. Not that the drunken boy cared or even registered what was happening to me. I squeezed my muscles around the invading fingers, slamming into Charlie as I did so. That made his tongue move slightly against mine. I allowed my own fingers to trail over Charliie's skin, pinching his nipples like Omar had done to mine before taking his cock in hand and stroking him slowly.

The fingers buried within me started scissoring, just like they had when they had been lodged inside Charlie's ass. I gasped softly, taking my lips away from Charlie's just to utter a few words. "Fuck me, please..."

His fingers left my ring, but they were soon replaced with his length. I was surprised by his girth, having heard that guys his sort of size were small. I was glad I'd heard wrong. The hand that wasn't wrapped around Charlie's cock was on his hip, with my nails digging into his soft skin as I was penetrated. "Like that, don't you?"

"Harder... fill me." He chuckled as he obliged, his length roughly filling my tight passage completely. His large belly pressed against my back as he pulled out and rammed back within me, barely giving me time to adjust. The force of his thrust inside me caused my own length to slam into Charlie which made us both moan. Our lips were no longer joined, instead our tongues drifted over each other's faces, leaving sticky saliva trails in their wake. Every thrust Omar made into me, my own body repeated on Charlie. We quickly formed a rough sort of rhythm, one which my hand continued on his cock. We moaned and groaned in near unison now and I was sure I wasn't the only one getting close. "I don't know if I can... last much longer."

"Cum, shoot inside him." Omar's lips were against my ear as he whispered those words, his hands trailing over my chest. "Empty yourself inside his hole beautiful." He pinched my nipples again, thrusting deep inside me. Like the last three thrusts, this one slammed right against my spot. Unlike the last three, this one was enough to send me over the edge. His words certainly helped with that. I cried out his name as I collapsed onto Charlie's slim, sweaty chest, not bothering to keep jacking him off. My cum stained my pubic hair while I softened inside him, Omar still moving in and out of my limp body. I wished I could squeeze around him again, but all I could manage was a few small contractions bought on by my orgasm.

It seemed to be enough for him though, as I soon felt the familiar warm feeling of his load inside me.He pulled out from my ass, not resting for a moment before getting on the bed and offering his sticky length for Charlie to suckle clean. Which he did. He took the softening length with an ease I hadn't expected from him. I lay there, on his chest watching his thhroat as Omar slide in and out between his lips. I wondered if he was going to try and shoot again, but dismissed that thought when he pulled back. I watched him move from the bed, heading out of my original eyeline to wear a video camera was set up. Bastard had filmed us the entire time. He turned back to face me, his tongue flicking out over his lips. "Don't worry, you'll still get to see me fuck Charlie." He flashed me a grrin, reaching down to stroke his own thigh. "After you clean him out for me."
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