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More rapidly then we could have anticipated

So it seems this month is go to Birmingham month. Even if I don't go to Fightstar, I'll be going 3/4 times.

To-do list this month:
*Monday 24th: Jobcentre/possibly Fightstar
*Friday 28th: Madina Lake
*October 4th: Nan's birthday
*October 10th: The Blackout
*October 11th: Staying home and watching Resident Evils
*October 12th: Resident Evil Extinction
*Sometime around then: Birmingham shopping
*October 20th: Birthday/spending birthday money in Forbidden Planet

Then everything kinda winds down till Saw IV and going down south for MCR.

For those that don't know this is Fightstar (not the most recent pic I know but still...). Left to right: Omar Abidi (drums), Charlie Simpson (vocals, guitar), Dan Haigh (bass), Alex Westaway (vocals, guitar). Charlie is taller then most people (and trees). Everyone seems tiny when standing next to him. Omar, on the other hand is very wide (and has nice arms). Alex sometimes looks like Mikey cause he's like a stick, but his neck scares me. Dan... well, Dan's Dan. He doesn't really look like anything.

I hate how the front window here is allergic to closing. It makes my feet/legs cold.

Edit: About birthday, I don't epect anyone to get anything. I mean, it's up to you of course but don't spend too much k? I can think of quite a few things under £10 that would do perfectly.

I'd be just as happy with a fic instead. So if you wanna do one just say and I can give a list of people/pairings I like.

Edit 2: I've decided to work on Insomniatic Meat Part 2 once I've done the ones I have open. That shoould fulfil my gory needs.
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