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With their flapping heads

I'm still undecided about Monday. I could go by bus to Walsall and then train from there, but that's only if I can get about £5 change for the fare. Hmmm.

Something bothered me at the lawyers. Her calandar was still August. I had to change it ans soon as she left the room cause it bugged me so much. I only have to go Monday and drop a form off.

Saw nan. Bad as usual.

Still, a week tomorrow till Madina! Woo!

I'm wondering if there's a hoodie. Cause there's no point taking in £50 if there's no hoodie. Anyone know how to find out? If there's definately not I'll get My Sims (as long as I can find it under £30).

I need to get Drummer magazine. There's an interview with Ilan and he looks so adorable and cute. I want one.

Why does my birthday have to suck and be 10 days before most of the Star Wars I was hoping to get comes out? Still, i guess I can get Phantom Hourglass at least.
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