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We will feast tonight

Has NC-17 suddenly become a bad rating for fics? It just seems there's so few around now.

I know I've got a few to read though. The recent ones by bloodyhands, fastbetty31 and quickyblah38 I'd have read them last night, but downloading makes aol go slow so I couldn't.

Plus I was trying to write too, something which went extremely slowly for some reason.

I have three fics open:
*Untitled Charlie/Patrick
*Pandora Part 2 (Matthew Leone)
*Untitled Shannon/Jared/Tomo rape fic

I'm focussing on the first one though. I think I'll look on the fic list for something gory to do.

Anyway, I need your help so vote in this poll:

Poll #1058303 Fightstar signing?

Should I go to the Fightstar signing?

What's a Fightstar?

The thing is, I do want to go see them, of course I do, but there's a small list of problems:
*It doesn't start till 6. There's also a performance before hand. That means it's after 7 before I can start home
*I'd end up stranded somewhere if I took the bus
*I don't have enough to go either way via train
*My ex could be there

There's the fact too, that I've seen them at a signing before. Really I want to go to make up for missing the tour, but if I get stuck is it worth it?

Clealrly I can't decide, hence the poll.

If I don't go I'll just get the album from Cannock instead.

I'm gonna try write now, before 1. At 1 we're going to the lawyers and then to see nan. Joy.
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