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Yar/Bring out the deathcar

Again i'm amazed by how stupid some people are. By people I mean mum. She's looking for baby pictures and thought to herself 'moving te bookshelf that's not in the way would help'. Cue half hour being spent moving it up here and another half hour sorting through dvds to go in it. Damn woman.

I now have a mass of dvds to go in it. I'm only putting in the ones I watch most so i have them handy. Star Wars is the only ones already in place. In the pile there's Buffy, Angel, Battle Royale, Star Trek, Will And Grace, The X-Files, Pokemon, Torchwood, South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Resident Evil, Underworld and others. Basically any ones I love or make me laugh are here.

It'll take me half hour to sort them in place. Even then I think there'll be some left in a pile next to it, but I'll sort that when I get there.

I'm still working on fic, doing odd bits now and then.

Maybe I'll be on later. Probably not.

Edit: All done. Scarily there's a whole shelf left.
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