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Dead when she entered the archway

HAPPY BIRTHDAY fastbetty31!!

How come is when I write now it often takes 2ish pages to get to the sex? Sigh. Fic should be done in a few hours.

I'm downloading the Resident Evil Extinction soundtrack. Purely cause it's made of awesome and doesn't even have a release date here.

Other albums I'm looking for:
*Thrice (all cept Vheissu)
*South Park Movie soundtrack
*Simpsons soundtrack
*Cher (non best of)
*Machine Head albums (bar The Blackening and Burn My Eyes)
*First Resident Evil soundtrack (I lost the disc and don't the tracks on this comp)
*The new Hard-Fi album

I'm sure there's more but I've forgotten them. Cause I'm thick mainly.

The package that was undelivered was the next two bug issues. There's a pretty Emerald beetle and a massive Black Scorpion. Bugs are so perdy (cept spiders which should all be burned off the face of the planet.

Having broadband back is not without it's problems. If anyone's on the phone it knocks it off entirely. Well, if the phone's answered anyway. It was off almost an hour last night causa someone calling mum.

Today's Wednesday, which means it was Kerrang day. Interesting things in it:
*Atreyu are doing a tour. This is vastly unfair cause I'd seriously go: if it wasn't the same date as MCR down London. Do another tour soon please?
*They review The Used gig and give it only 2 K's. Bah
*Oli's not going to court due to lack of evidence
*Nathan's favourite film is Deliverance (doesn't that have gay rape in it?) and sexual fantasies has something to do with two hookers
*There's a long Fightstar thing I haven't read yet
*The FOB and Panic! interview amuses me. Pete says the most ridiculous thing he's bought is Ryan. Patrick keeps breaking laptopos. Patrick's so adorable thinking he's not popular. Patrick avoids a gay question.
*There's a gig think with the Madina twins. Matthew sounds adorable with confetti in his hair.
*An ad for The Killk single. Apparently the cd has a poster
*The Bullet poster makes me sad cause Jay's out of focus in it. Why isn't matt's tongue distracting me?

Next week's looks a bit eh. No one I'm really bothered about.
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