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Sweet zombie jesus

Wooo! I have returneded!

Since I got back on Sunday I've been trying to get dial-up working. Apparently AOL wasgonna let me use the dreaded, slow dial-up for free until broadband was sorted. Until today I've had no luck with it (even accidentally knocking off the phones). Today I go to try and as I'm plugging the broadband wire in the socket (so I can keep an eye on it) it lights up. It's done that before fore a few seconds, but today it didn't go off. So here I am, back on broadband. Wooo!

The past few days haven't been too exciting. On the way back Sunday I read the Legacy Graphic novel, then spent the rest of the time messing with wires.

Monday we went to Walsall. Signed up for a few job things, got the last The Used dvd single, the Fightstar CD single and one of the 7"s. I want the other. Also got the South Park Movie and that's it. There's a manga night at the Waterstones on Wednesday, which I'd go to if I'd have known sooner. It made me sad though cause for others my grandad took me to them.

We went and saw nan too. She was very... agitated. She kept trying to tell us something but we can't understand her. I wish I could.

While we were out something came. Twenty minutes after I left. How annoying. It's on it's way tomorrow though. I wonder what it is.

AVA does not equal Star Wars. I just might slap Tom Delonge.

The Sarah Jane Adventures start next week. I'm watching the first one on Saturday though in case I go to the signing. It'll serve as something to fill the void Doctor Who lft until Torchwood comes back (now please?). Or until the Christmas Special with Kylie, which is one of the thing's I'm most excited about right now.

Ok, I'm going through my friends list tonight, but now I'm going to read the_glory_days fic. If there's any fic that I've missed (which is highly likely) please link me with.
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