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He's just all about the disembowelling isn't he?

I'm jealous of all Americans that can watch next weeks' Family Guy. It's an hour-long ep called Blue Harvest and it's a parody of Star Wars (Episode IV) that's totally made of awesome.

Hopefully we'll get it soon.

the_glory_days is totally made of awesome with Madina fic < 3 I'll totally read today.

Yesterday turned out... well, I dunno. Equal parts meh and not meh by the end.

The not meh parts:
*Getting Rock Sound (purely because it had the Madina twins on the cover with the words naked wrestling beneath, a sure fire way of getting me to buy anything)
*Getting some Pocketmodels/Doctor Who cards
*The prettyness of the place (with a flag outside and other stuff inside)
*MTV being outside interviewing people. I think I'm in the background a few times)
*Lots of free stuff (though they went overkill on the fortune cookiees)
*Getting a tee (purely cause it was shiny)
*Groping a guy's ass on purpose accidentally
*Tomo playing violin (did anyone know he could?)
*Pretty boys topless waiting outside, who cupped Jared's bollocks (their own words)
*Going to Tesco on thwe way home and getting Star Wars figs/iced tea

The meh parts:
*Mcdonalds getting my food wrong so my quarter pounder had nothing on it (as opposed to just not having cheese)
*Brixton being a bit of an eh place
*Standing in the line for 3 hours cause the guards were telling people not to sit
*More standing inside, followed by standing and moving through the crowd
*Feeling faint
*No signing afterwards (unlike the other two shows)

The worst part though, was losing my I-pod. Yep, it's gone. So that's about £200 of stuff that's just... gone. It clearly dropped out on the train but I dunno if it's be handed in, found later or if someone just took it.


Unlike some people, I intended that to be my one and only I-pod. I don't need every single different one, I don't see the point (like with mobiles), but now I'll have to get one. Probably with my birthday money, which sucks as I was gonna buy out Forbidden Planet with it.


1. Ok so the boys are all on a break. Taking a holiday, relaxing etc..... Where's your favourite place to take a holiday?

I dunno. I'd rather be at home then anywhere else I think. The place we used to go on holiday's would just make me sad now so...

2. Have you bought any thing that you've seen the boys in just because you've seen the boys in it? If so what was it?

I've bout the Taste Of Chaos dvd, partly cause they were in it but I wanted it for others too. I dunno.

3. Our Gee is Teetotal, Franks a vegetarian. Have you given anything up? Was it the boys that inspired you to do so?

I find it hard to give things up, but I'm not much of a meat eater. The only meat I'll eat is Mcdonald's and I only eat fish occasionally.

4. Which do you prefer? Vampires or Werewolves?

Vampires. Werewolves are too animalistic to me. I mean, they don't exactly have the choice to change between werewolf and human.

5. "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" Have you ever taken revenge on anyone? Was it sweet?

Kinda, I suppose. I can be vengeful if I wanna be. I hardly ever feel the need though.


1. What song do you hope to see Fall Out Boy cover on the new tour?
I dunno... I can't really think of anything.

2. Cage Match Round Two: Pete and Patrick; who wins?
Patrick. Why? I don't know exactly.

3. If you could take music lessons from one member of bandom, who would you choose and why?
See, this is the thing, if I had music lessons from any of them I doubt I'd concentrate on the lesson. I'd say Ray though

4. MCR's 'House of Wolves' is being used in the trailer for the new movie 'Shoot 'Em Up'; what are your thoughts on this?
It is? My thoughts are: why didn't I know?

5. Who tops your list of Bandom's Most Lust-Worthy?
I like that there's no number for this one (so in theory I could go on indefinately). In no real order... Bob Bryar, Ray Toro, Matthew Leone, Nathan Leone, Gerard Way, Jay James, Spencer Smith, Mikey Way, Ryan Ross, Patrick Stump, Tomo Milicevic, Pete Wentz, William Beckett, Jepha Howard, Charlie Simpson, Paul Thomas, Sean Smith, Ian Watkins, Ilan Rubin, Matt Tuck, Padge, wiL Francis, Bert Mccracken, Quinn Allman, Shannon Leto
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