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The almighty sarlacc?

Tomo-Jepha's dead. It must've happened during the night, cause once I woke up, he was gone.

I now have two waxmoth worms. One's called Stupid cause he kept purposely falling off me and rolled down my leg.

We spent today making the sail barge/skiff/sarlacc. That and putting Lego figures in compromising positions (ok, that was just me, who put Luke being spit roasted by Han and Boba).

We went to Tesco too. I got the Brannigan Doctor Who figure, a sheep pencil case and a small Lego set. I seem to have gotten back into Lego more now. I really want an Exo-Force set cause the guys in it look hot (and manga-ish).

Tomorrow I go home. This is sorta eh cause apparently everything's on my bed and the Tv's not set up. So my first night is gonna be spent sorting that out. Then there's the fact that the net's still not sorted. Sigh. That's the worst cause I can't be online to read fic/check sites/generally pester people. Still, I can type up the fic I've written (which is the Patrick fic I started), watch dvds and... well I'm not sure what. I wish My Sims was out now so I could go on that. Damn two-week wait.

Still means I can write/sort newest posters. Maybe I'll finish a few things.

Does anyone else think Russell Howard is cute/hot?

I don't know if I'm going to 30 Seconds. If I'm honest I'm not willing to fight to go. I already see it as more trouble then it's worth anyway (coming down again next week for a 3 days seems pointless). Yet I'm not allowed to just give up on it.

In a way I'll be glad to be home, because it means there'll be a month of no travelling. Not that I don't like it here, I do, but... home is home you know? I don't want to leave it anymore. Grandad's gone, nan's in a home and mum... well I feel I've kinda abandoned her now. I didn't mean to... it just seems to have happened.

She's gonna get that lump removed, so that's good. I hope it's soon, but they don't seem to know what it is. Maybe it's from the stress.

bloodyhands I know you're going to think I'm a pain, but could I ask for something else? Pweese? (In case you see this late tis The Used single)


1. Do you have any My Chem ringtones?
Nah, but only cause I don't use my mobile. In this mobile obsessed age I'm one of the few that just doesn't care. Why have a mobile that'll be out of date a month later?

2. Are there any tour posters or pictures of the band hanging up in your room? If so, how much of your room does it cover? (pictures optional)
Well, in my old room it was about 50% MCR posters, with a load of recent ones in the living room. In my new room it's about the same, though most of the biggest posters aren't up (in favor of smaller ones).

3. What other fandoms--if any-- do you also belong to?
Gods, this thing. Well there's loads:
30 Seconds To Mars, Bullet For My Valentine, Doctor Who, Fall Out Boy, Lostprophets, Madina Lake, Panic! At The Disco, Pokemon, Resident Evil, Star Wars, The Academy Is..., The Blackout, The Used, The X-Files, Torchwood, Zelda
Knowing my luck I've missed a few.

4. The boys have serious Jersey pride; how proud are you of how/where you grew up?
I dunno. I don't think so. I'm not really a prideful person, but I like where I live. It's nice. It's quiet and you can get to the nearest major towns quite easily. I hated growing up cause kids are arses though.

5. What will be the one thing you will always remember about Projekt Revolution 2007?
That I didn't go.

Well, this is me, signing off. I'll check my e-mail again later and in the morning, but I dunno when I'll be on after that.
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