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Tomo-Jepha's slowly dying. I hate death. It's horrible, cruel and mostly needless. Yeah, I write about killing but that doesn't mean I'd ever actually do it (unless spiders are involved).

I've only had Tomo-Jepha for under a week and it's made me so sad. I think I might be projecting a little. Maybe.

Ok, I've noticed a lot of people on my f-list have mentioned something about African-Americans being compared with gays. I don't know exactly what it's about, but I gather that it's to do with homophobia/slavery.

All I'll say is this: Both sides have suffered and been oppressed. However, it's far easier for African-Americans to be then gay poeople. Gay people can 'hide' who they are, but skin colour's obvious. That's how more of them then gay people have been killed/tortured/enslaved.

Naturally you can't compare the two. But they are similar. We're all human and gay, straight, black or white we all have the right to be treated equally.

You know what the worst thing is though? African-Americans have suffered oppression on such a large scale over such a long period of time. But, even after all what they've gone through as a people, they oppress gay people. You'd think that all the suffering would at least let them know not to do it themselves.

Anyway, I'm going now.
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