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I woke up at 2pm, (a new record for me) from a near comatose sleep. My recent dreams have plagued me with nightmares, so how I stayed asleep is still a mystery. The dreams I recall involve Gav a lot, never in good ways. *sigh*
It makes me feel overly depressed. Anyway, onto reviews;

Very strange episode. Left me kinda confused at the end. Is Daniel dead? Are the people of Abidos dead? Is Anubis dead?
Anyway, it was interesting. The battle was good though, and all rather well done.

The start of Enterprise, where T'Pol gets into the pod with him, seems proof that she cares and is using regulations as an excuse.

You are superficial and artistic. The saddest of
all the trees, you are the ones that find
themselves often on the outside of things
looking in. You like things organized and in
place. You blossom in the warming weather that
still clings to lost cold. Dawn is your time,
when each day is like a fresh page in the book
of your life. Sometimes cowardly, you tend to
run if faced with trouble. You're a lover, not
a fighter. You fear wasting away without doing
anything important, living an empty life. You
admire beauty in others, even if it is only
bark-deep. You often wish to change things
about yourself. You like everything to reflect
beauty. When you leave this world, you hope it
will be a more beautiful place then when you
came into it.

What's Your Inner Tree?
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