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Fuck you fuckyou_mcr

I'm sick of that site, so sick in fact I joined and made a post about it.

You know what I'm honestly sick of? Hearing about my name being used here. Over and over. Even when it's not my fic, my name crops up. The last fic I posted I deleted because of here and then what happens? crossbow1 stalks me onto my journal.

If I see a fic that's Frankie/Gerard I don't read it cause it's not my thing. I use my brain and don't even click on it. Apparently some of the people here can't even read warnings. Apparently a fic just being by me (or even having a reference to me anywhere) qualifies it as being read just to be posted here.

The fic's I do that have gore have it in the warnings. Now, if you don't like that, fine. Just don't read it and then bitch about it later.

Some other things too:
*Cocks spurt and spray. I live with one 24/7 so I know that
*I'm not going to turn out to be a serial killer (thanks for all believing in that though). People write about killing all the time, if everyone that wrote about it turned into a killer they'd be none of us left.

From now on my fics are just being posted in my journal, no where else really. So if any of you decide to post about me again, I know you'll have gone out of your way just to do so.

Thank you to the various people that tell me about these things and actually defend me.

That place fills me with rage.

I'm going to get Kerrang now.

Edit: And it's been deleted already. Fuck em
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