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Becoming unclear

Apparently GJ is now just inhabitted by idiot anon people who either spam or have no brain cells.

Today we went to Sevenoaks. I got some Pokemon and Docctor Who cards plus the lego Naboo fighter/Vulture Droid set. Also got Heroes ep one (which is everywhere for some reason), Hard-Fi's first album and the last two Doctor Who's. So now I have them all yay! I'm gonna get Sunshine later on.

I need a second Kerrang, cause up town had none (like I thought they would). Basically I want it for the Aiden/Lostprophets poster so I can have it up.

On the way back we went to the lakes to feed the ducks. I like feeding ducks. Also they were lotsa squirrels about in the trees, jumping and stuff.

I'm not going back Wednesday, it's now Saturday instead. Only cause babu's dad has stuff to do, so I'm stuck otherwise.

I hate that 30 Seconds is next week. It's kinda pointless me going back to be honest. But I want to be back. I don't wanna have to come back just for the gig. It seems so stupid.

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