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Come up for air

Yesterday we went to Tesco and I got the bug magazine and Star Wars stuff. Then mum called about my birthday present and we watched South Park.

Today we went to a Horse show thing. It was nice cause it was a warm day and they were stalls. We had ice cream. Plus I got an ickle cuddly horse, another unicorn and some minerals. The one I like most is a perdy red bit of coral. I've got pics, but I'll upload them tomorrow. We petted some horses too. A good day me thinks.

I called mum a few hours ago. Apparently nan's not being looked after very well at the home. It must be pretty bad cause she was thinking of having her out. We can't look after her anymore though. Both physically and emotionally it would break us if we had to look after her.

Apart from that, the flat's near empty, she's dug up all the front lawn, the tv's not set up, my cousins have yoinked games and dvds and my beds a mess. Joy.

We've decided not to come down here for my birthday though. Instead, we'll go to Birmingham and have a little party thing at the home.

Seeing the first Lone Gunmen ep, it's clear why no one wanted to play it. It was very eerie to watch.

I've listened to Atreyu's album all the way through six times now I think. I keeping humming Doomsday and Lead Sails. I really like it, I think it's brilliant.

Happy Birthday Spencer!

When I get back I probably won't have the net causa it not being ready yet, so I'll probably miss things. But hey, I'm missing stuff now.

I've started writing something. We'll see if it's any good. Tis Patrick fic.

Also, new layout thanks to babu.
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