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Super, thanks for asking

I'm hurting my eyes case I haven't got my glasses on (good idea yes?). So I figure I do the Friday 5's I missed.

Yesterday was uneventful really. Part from geeking out and being surprised Tesco had Gay Times and Star Wars figs. That and Pokemon, watching Family Guy and the IT Crowd.

I keep listening to Kerrang in hopes of hearing the new The Blackout single


1. Ryan Ross and Spencer Smith both have birthdays this week; what do they get one another and what do their other friends get them?
I dunno really. A vibrating drumstick? Tickets to see MCR? A black rubber dildo suit? Brent bound and gagged?

2. If Jon Walker were a food, what food would he be?
*bblinks* I dunno. Is there a food with bad hair?

3. You get to the afterlife and learn that God was a bandom member all along. Who is it?
Patrick. And it'd turn out that the meaning of life would be giving god a hat.

4. If you could make the Ultimate Bandom Band comprised of members of existing bandom bands, who would fill all or some of the following spots: lead singer, bassist, guitarist(s), drummer, any other instrument(s)? For bonus points, name the super group.
Lead singer: Patrick Stump (backups from William Beckett and Gerard Way)
Drummers: Bob Brayar and Spencer Smith (just cause k? They can have hot sweaty drummer sex after shows)
Bassist: Jay James *shifty eyes*
Guitarists: Ray Toro, Ryan Ross
Tambourine: Mikey Way
Can I come up with a creative name.... nope.

5. What are your thoughts on Mikey Way's return to the stage and the reaction of fans of Matt Cortez?
I'm glad he's finally decided to com e back, it' s took him long enough. I hate how all the Matt fans are pised at him though. One minute everyone's pissed at him going, then when he comes back they're still pissed. Make up your damn minds.


1. So. Frank goes batshitinsane when faced with spiders and Mikey and Ray loose their shit around large bodies of water. What are you scared of?
Spiders all the way. They're the only animal I'd actually wipe off the face of the planet if I could. I utterly hate them. They frighten me too, if I see a big one I'll freak and run away. Seriously, as far away as I can get. Worst time was I actually had a panic attack over seeing one. *shudders*

2. What are your top three bands NOT including My Chem?
See, this is a hard one for me. I can't normally pick just three (cause it constantly changes) so I'll just put the first three I think of kay? Madina Lake, The Used, Bullet For My Valentine.

3. Would you rather see My Chem support Bon Jovi or MSI support My Chem?
The second one. Cause then MCR would get a full set. I've not heard MSI's stuff though

4. Can you rock out on any instruments?
Not really... I do have a guitar I was going to learn with, but it turns out it's pretty shit and I didn't realise (busted strings, broken turny things), so I need a new one. (Which'll be this one ofr a black one).

5. Do you support Bob's Solo Project?
Of course! I mean, it'd be one of the awesomest things ever.
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