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Oh my god, they killed Kenny!

Today we went to Bromley. I normally love Bromley causa the sci-fi shop, but this time it hadn't really got much. However, other places did.

From Tk Maxx I got the Mustafar playset, Sun Fac and Clone Wars Obi-Wan. From Gamestation I got two Zelda keyring/badge/sticker sets, Pokemon and Doctor Who cards. From Virgin I got Big Cheese and Santi (cause I've only had the download since it came out). From HMV I got more Pokemon cards, Pocketmodels and Atreyu's new album. I got new guitar strings and a Cyberman mug from Waterstones.

The place I got most things from though was somewhere called CEX that does preowned stuff. I got three Farscape sets (which I'm glad I did as the chick got them all in the wrong cases), Little Britain Live and Comic Relief Special and 5 South Park dvds. Yeah twas a lot, but it was all cheap like woah and I've no willpower. The girl that served me was nice though, especially having to find all the dvds.

So yeah, busy day of spending money again. It'll be my last day of that for awhile now.

The Mustafar set's a bitch to make cause it doesn't wanna fit together. It's a bit better now then it was though.

Why is Dan a ninja in Big Cheese?

Going to watch South Park now I is.
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