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And we shall have peace

Today's been fairly busy. Fed Tomo-Jepha cabbage, which he's eaten! It's so adorable watching him eat. Then we went into Sevenoaks and I withdrew money... which I prompty spent in Lorimers on the lego Jedi Interceptor with Kit. I was gonna get it from Toys R Us but... well, when I have money I lack willpower. Babu's building the main interceptor now, cause I was meant to get it when she got the Sail Barge so we'd be building together. I don't mind her building it cause I've done the red aand yellow one's before so this blue one should be the same.

When she gets the barge I'll get Hoth, Grievous' fighter, MTT or Nabboo Starfighter depending.

Next was getting to London. The disadvantage of being down here is all gigs involve trains and that means the underground. The underground train was uber-packed so it was very hot and hard to get in/out of. Bah.

When we got to Islington we kinda went the wrong way at first, but we had bean wraps and eventually found the place (Islington Academy's in an odd place isn't it?). We popped into Borders before joining the line. I got the Legacy graphic novel I've been looking for and Babu got the American Psycho and Fight Club books. There were cute fuzzy things there too that we shoulda got cause they were too cute!

Anyway, we joined the line behind two hot guys and waited. I didn't like any of the tee's really, but I absolutely adored the hoodie so I got that. I normally don't get them (the only gig hoodie I've ever got was the Black Parade MCR one) but this one was gorgeous. It's white (again odd) and has bats and stuff on it. It's hard to describe really, so I'll take pictures.

Speaking of pictures I wish we'd bought the cam cause we coulda got some good ones. There were loads of hot guys too.

Before the gig got started someone came up and said hi (I think twas brokencityski but I've probably got it wrong cause me=div). I'd forgotten anyone was going so that was odd.

The support act were ok. Mute Math they were called. They were multi-talented with instruments.

The Used came out ages after they went off. But they were amazing. They played every song I'd wanted to hear off the new album except The Ripper. There were two amazing parts though. The second was Bert telling everyone to kiss the person next to them on the cheek. Thusly Quinn kissed him and he kissed Jepha (poor Dan got no love though:(). Yay for boy kissing! Bert's a pervert though, asking if seeing it made us 'moist'.

The first was during Take It Away. Recently I've heard he's taken to replacing Chemical Romance with other stuff. However, tonight he just pointed the mike at the crowd and smiled as we sung it. In fact he made it through the whole show without saying anything about them so maybe he's decided to let whatever he had against them die.

They didn't play Blue And Yellow though, but they played On My Own. Dan and Jepha were offstage for it so who knows what they were doing ;)

All in all it was amazing, though Bert's mic went funny a few times. I'm so glad I went. It's made me feel like more of a fan (a hardcore one as Bert says about everyone that was there) and now I have the hoodie for Taste Of Chaos.

I was surprised how small the place was though, but that's a good thing.

The way back was better. With food yay!

Before I went I started writing but I hate what I've written, so I'll start again.

Tomorrow, there'll be pics. Of Decaydance things, Tomo-Jepha and other stuff. That and going to Tesco to get Kerrang. Kerrang looks yay cause big Lostprophets poster, a smaller Blackout one and another Madina one. Jeebus they love Madina. This is the forth one.

America's invading everywhere cause they're playing Civ's.

Also, Mikey is back in October! And he's wearing glasses. Why?
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