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And I don't think that they'd understand

I've removed aboout 6 comm's since the last post. Two were Panic! slash comm's. That's cause they're just so patronising. They annoy me cause every fic is Ryden and some of them say 'of course' and that also, if a fic's not Ryden they're all apologetic. It's so stupid and annoying.

The scars look better today. They always do a day later.

We went to Toys R Us today. Gods I wish I'd gone on a non-bank holiday (we're actually going again). I got a Star Wars box (which had a loada stuff, mostly cards for only £20), Mon Mothma fig (cause it was cheap) and three Doctor Who figures (all the only ones there of an Ood, black Clockwork Man and Mickey). When we go back I'm getting a Lego Star Wars set, the TARDIS and Pokemon cards. That and maybe a Cyberman set.

I called mum earlier, nan's ok thankfully. And no mum, I don't want to see Mcfly.

I now have a new friend: a little grasshopper thing we found in the garage. He's just in a jar right now, but we'll add leaves and stuff later. Pics soonish.

I'm staying till next Wednesday. Tonight we're watching Sunshine and I'm writing. I had an idea but didn't write on the journey for some reason.

In the next few days we're going to Bromley. Yay sci-fi shop!

The Used tomorrow. Yay! We're going by train it seems though. I hate the underground.

Edit: Grasshopper is called Tomo-Jepha. *nod*
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