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Crazy math

Today's been a lazy day. I've been on Pearl and raising Eevee's. I now have 6 of the 8 evolutions. I'm missing Umbreon and Espeon.

Goddess bless The Hits for putting on the Kerrang! awards thing. Things from it that are good are:
*Charlie presenting
*Bert for saying the booze was non-alcoholic (then a clip showing Enter Shikari totally drunk)
*Charlie being taped up (mostly by Omar, with the last bit done by Alex)
*Omar talking and sounding different to what I thought
*Spencer being there
*Joe and a monkey
*Andy talking
*Patrick looking so small compared to Charlie (but anyone does... Charlie/Patrick thoughts in my head now)
*Patrick talking
*Hearing Robb's voice
*Two Machine Head vids, though I prefer the Imperial one, despite him being wet in the first
*Charlie getting Enter Shikari drunk
*Tomo and Shannon being quiet
*Charlie attacking wiL
*Ian being odd
*Ray being even more adorable then ever with a puppy (though Bob was awol...)
*Madina < 3 and Nathan being a blabbamouth
*Omar being all adorable (despite his hair, I now love him more)
*The Kill being played, yay Tomo and furry loving
*Robb knowing who MCR and FOB are (and thinking they'd beat them)

I'll probably end up doing a few more Charlie/Fightstar in general fics causa this. Definately a Charlie/Patrick at least. And something with Omar.

Tomorrow we're going to Garden Centers and Toys R Us. Hopefully the journey's will be enough to kick start inspiration.
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