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Windows down

Apparently the Kerrang! awards were today. It makes me sad that neither MCR or Madina were there causa stupid Revolution. Bah.

From the pictures at least Fall Out Boy, Fightstar, Panic!, 30 Seconds, Aiden, Lostprophets and Machine Head were there. I hope there's more pictures soon so we'll know if Bullet was there.

Anyway here are the awards I care about and their winners:
Best International Band: My Chemical Romance
Best British Band: Lostprophets
Hard Rock Hero: Machine Head
Best Video: Fall Out Boy 'This Ain't A Scene'
Best Album: Machine Head 'The Blackening'
Best Single: 30 Seconds To Mars 'The Kill'
Best International Newcomer: Madina Lake


I tried to write today, but I got nothing. Maybe all the travelling has knocked the inspiration outta me. I'll try again tomorrow.
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