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Fade away/never fade away

Today's been tiring, I wanna go to sleep like, right now.

The trip there was fairly simple. I spent some of it looking at Kerrang! Good thing's about it are Ilan finally being in a Lostprophets shoot (and next week's poster), the cd (cept they're dumb and have the Madina song named wrong), two of the posters (30 Seconds=more then Jared). The best part's a tiny little interview with Sean.

Personally, I want to go to a strip club and see a dancer dancing to one of our songs! Actually, that would make a great video. Yeah, anything with naked ladies would be good. Naked men too. Whatever. Music plus nudity equals our new record!

We arrived at the venue about 15 minutes before door opened. It took us that long to get to the back of the line. Yep, I had a feeling we should've gone earlier. We completely mised Cobra Starship, but we got our merch early. I got a Clandestine tee, the Cobra Starship tee (despite not seeing them I really wanted it, causa the unicorn), badges and a Panic! tee with a horse on. I was gonna get an Academy Is... one, but none took my fancy. I'll have to get one online.

Anyway, there was a slight thing with the tickets that was very annoying. Yes, they were standing but not in the main bit. We were standing at the rear circle. Basically we were at the top of the venue and at the back. Naturally the view was a bit sucky, so we have no pics. Also I probably missed slashiness.

Still, we saw The Academy Is... Which translates as me following Beckett around the stage with eyes and squeeing at seeing his skin every five seconds. Gods does he purposely wear clothes that make most of his movements reveal skin? He must. I'll try seeing them again.

We sat for Gym Class Heroes, though we heard screaming so someone must have come on. (Patrick maybe? Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong).

For Panic! we tried finding the best place to see (though yay at Zack coming on during the soundcheck and then watching Ryan constantly). Mostly I could see Ryan and Spencer, sometimes Brendon. Ryan had technical difficulties with his guitar for a song or two, but he spoke which is good. Brendon hugged Ryan, but not Jon or Spence. They played two new songs, I dunno what they're called. I liked the first one more (It had something about a street in it). Babu called them Mcfly-like. Brendon made a comment about being bottled last year. He also said one of the songs was about 'human beings fucking'. No gender specified.

Then for just before/during Fall Out Boy they got cuntish. We moved onto the stairs for a better view and got shoved back a few times. In the end we ended up roughly in the same place, with a fairly good view. They were pretty amazing, though I couldn't really understand what Pete was saying (and he lost me about sport). Does Patrick always not talk? I find that kinda strange. Maybe it's cause Pete's the face of the band and Patrick decided it was best he was the voice too.

Anyway, various people from the other bands came on (Travis did, I think Gabe did, couldn't see any of Panic! and Will did). William was the best. Him and Patrick shared this look and it's just put ideas in my head. I'll probably write them tomorrow. Pete does insist on using ickle Patrick for a head rest doesn't he? Patrick looks gorgoeous though. They did a cover of an Usher song (of all things) and Pete said something about him and Patrick. I can't remember what it was clearly.

I wish we'd had a better view.

When we went out, we looked through the tee's sold outside but no TAI... ones were to be found. There was only three posters too, two of Pete and one MCR. WTF?

On the way back to the car I heard a hi, but my brain didn't register it right away. Sorry, shebangsthedrum I didn't mean to ignore you I'm just so slow:(

As we were driving apast we saw Zack, so I get the feeling Panic! might've come out. Damnit. The way back was harder causa roadworks and stuff. I now have Always, All Ways stuck in my head. It's a sad song really, but I love it.

Last thing as I go. What's this I hear about Gerard and Frank fighting?
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