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We're off to see the gay's...

Because I just have to... Everyone go look at those, cause they're beyond hot.

Why's everyone taking Gerard seriously all of a sudden? Of course he's not drunk or wants to get drunk or anything like that.

We got here at about 7 and had a few hours peace before mum called and moaned about me not being there. She expected us to go today so that would've been a three hour car journey plus however llong it takes to get to Decaydance plus Decaydance and back all in one day? She's insane.

Of course, my cousins have exaggerate how bad the place is, cause they're bastards like that.

Bah. This is why I hate what's left of my family. The buffer I had between me and mum (aka grandparents) are now gone so I have to deal with her insanity all the time when I return.

On the trip I got a sheep notebook so I can do fic and read some of my Star Wars book. I haven't read it in ages but I soon got back into it. i hope to finish it this trip so I can go onto Betrayal.

We went to babu's grandad's grave too. It made me sad cause she started crying so much. I wish I coulda met him.

We're going in about an hour at half three. I'm not sure if that's a good time to leave or not, I guess we'll see. I hope I don't miss Cobra Starship (and are able to get merch). Why couldn't Gym Class Heroes be on first? They're the ones I wouldn't mind missing.

We'll be getting Kerrang on the way though, so yay! Ian's on the front looking perdy.

I've missed the bean wraps and stuff from Tesco, so my diet'll consist of those over the next two weeks.

Anyway, I'm gonna go now. Post about the gig later.
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