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Pray I don't alter it any further

What's wrong with workmen? If they did whatever they're doing outside for more then 2 hours a day they'd be finished by now. Bah.

Last night we watched The Plague. I didn't get it much. Before that we watched Lee Evans and he amuses me. I like that.

Then we watched Utopia. Captain Jack sweaty is always good. I wish they'd hurry up and make new figs of him, Chantho and The Master.

I was woke up this morning by the door. The package from bloodyhands arrived (which means it's the Lone Gunmen at the post). Yay for random stuff! Yay for rainbow slinky (the one I had as a kid got broke), yay for getting Suicune in the Pokeball and yay for glow in the dark stuffs! Also sending me a Star Wars thing is a very iffy thing to do. I have a lot of Star Wars stuff. So to find something I haven't got or even seen is a feat which you managed to do.

Anyone looking for me tomorrow: I'll be wearing the Skeleton Crew hoodie (and under that the organ tee). Simply cause I found them and the bloody roses tee I love is still missing. Bah.

shebangsthedrum, I'll have Punk Rock Holocaust with me so I can give it you. I'm hopeless with posting it:[

At 1 babu's dad should arrive so after moving the comp, Tv and some other stuff then we'll be going. We should get down there about 6ish. The trip'll be spent on DS's and sleeping probably. Until we get to babu's grandad's grave anyway. It makes me sad we're stopping off their on the way.

I'm taking my guitar to get sorted and I'm gonna try and learn something simple. Probably a bit of an MCR song. Is there a such a thing?

Anyway, I'm going now to go to the post.

Edit: Yep twas Lone Gunmen. Comp won't be going today it seems. bah. Stupid workmen.

Times for Decaydance:
Doors open: 5:30
Cobra Starship: 6-6:30
The Academy Is...: 6:45-7:15
Gym Class Heroes: 7:30-8:10
Panic! At The Disco: 8:30-9:25
Fall Out Boy: 9:55-11
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