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Deep beneath the sea

Today's been most tiring. Mostly cause the bags I've ended up with. I overspent again. Oops.

I got 6 packets of Pocketmodels, 6 packs of Zelda cards (neither of which I expected to see here so nyeh), Darren's album, Limp Bizkit's Greatest Hitz, the Doctor dvd (causa Jack and Chantho), Slitheen figure (with Space Pig), House Season 1, The Covenant (hot guys ahoy), The Plague, NGamer, AXM (gay twins=< 3), Star War comic and Total Guitar.

Also went to Mcdonalds and got a free glass.

Carrying all that plus food for pets plus four pack of Pepsi equals tired arms.

I pondered getting Pokemon Diamond, so I might if I see it £25 or less.

There were many prettys in town. Including the hotty that works in halifax. he has a nice ass.

When I went back home I found that there's been a package that I need to pick up. Joy. We didn't leave till after 11 so it must have come late. So tomorrow I'm getting up extra early to go get it. I've no idea if it's The Lone Gunmen from HMV or the stuff bloodyhands sent.

I'm still not packed for tomorrow. Joy. I think I'll just chuck some tee's in the bag with my DS and stuff.

I might not wear my bloody roses tee to Decaydance cause I've not yet found it.

For The Used I'm wearing my Madina tee.
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