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Pairing: Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Tom
Warnings: Rubber, piss-drinking
Dedications: mandlebars for requesting. the_glory_days, acherrysunset, bloodyhands, mikeyface, fastbetty31

I'd seen my older brother naked a lot of times. As a kid it would be accidentally walking into the bathroom while he was showering or into his room as he undressed. When puberty hit me at 13 I started to do it more and more, but now it wasn't mistakes. I was doing it to catch glimpses of his cock or ass. At 15 he decided it was his duty as my big brother to teach me a few things. That night he taught me how to jack off and I had my first orgasm. Over that year our relationship became more and more sexual. The week after he let me wank him, then fingered my ass. Exactly a month after he taught me to masturbate I gave him head.

Now he was naked above me combing his hands through my hair as I suckled on his balls. My eyes were on his heavily tattooed body, scanning over ever inch of his inked skin. He was so beautiful. I wasn't naked like he was. A tight rubber suit clung to my small body, ending at the collar that Oli had secured around my neck. The studded leather had a small silver tag with the words 'property of Oli Sykes' engraved on it. My fists were locked inside rubber paws.

Oli had bought me the suit a few months ago, the collar the week before. At first I was unsure about it all, but he insisted it would feel good on me. Then I first slide my body into the confining rubber I knew just how right he was. The suit had two unzippable openings at my crotch and ass although the former had never been opened. When I came, I did so without my member being touched. He frequently unzipped the back of the suit, so my hole was constantly filled with something. Be it butt plug, cock or dildo. The black paws were new, but I already liked them. I had a feeling that he bought them to ensure I didn't touch myself.

I moved from his balls, taking his pulsing erection between my lips and swallowing it down to his base. His fingers tangled in my hair, holding me close as I lapped at his underside, my pawed hands rubbing at his wet balls. He was purring my name above me, urging me to suck him harder. I did as best I could, keeping my lips tight around him as I bobbed my head up and down, my tongue flicking over his tip. "You are my pet, little brother." He groaned above me, digging his nails into my scalp. I wiggled my ass slightly, the bushy tail that was attached to the butt plug brushing against my legs. "Maybe I should keep you in that suit permenantly."

I knew he'd wanted me inside it indefinately and a large part of me wanted to be sealed within it too. I'd gotten used to the feel of rubber against my skin, it had become a second skin to me now. Almost every night I wore it for him and sometimes I wore it all day. He only fucked me when I was sealed within it.

He expanded slightly inside my mouth, the thought alone clearly being enough to set him off. He exploded inside my mouth, his cum hitting the back of my throat and my landing tongue. I swallowed all of his salty fluid, purring around him at the taste. He still kept a hold on my head as he softened in my mouth. Soon the taste of cum in my mouth was replaced by something else. There was more piss then there was of his load, so he pulled back until just the head was in mouth so as not to choke me. I drank it all as best I could, despite the acrid taste I actually drank most of what he'd given me. I'd drank his piss since before he'd gotten me the suit, so I'd gotten used to it by now.

Satisfied he'd finished, he pulled from between my lips, wiping the last few droplets into my dark hair. "Good pet." He smiled down at me as I nuzzled his hand and thigh happily. "Now, do you really want to be inside a suit indefinately pet?"

"Yes big brother, I do." I said those words without a moment's hesitation. I didn't need to think about it.

"Good boy." His smile widened and he pushed me onto my back. "I'll get you a nice, new suit, that'll be tighter against your small body. The mitts and collar shall remain on you." He bent down and rubbed my belly lightly. "I've always wanted you pierced, I think I'll do that too." I nodded meekly, then watched as he went to the phone, picking it up and rapidly dialling. "Hello, Sean?"


Sean Smith was about the same age as my brother, although he was completely different. Sean had shorter hair, that was bleached blonde with some neon pink in his fringe. His voice was a soft Welsh accent, but that was the most I knew about him. When he arrived, Oli led him into our bedroom, where I lay naked on the bed. Since my brother had made the call, he'd removed the suit from my body, lifted me onto the bed and restrained my ankles and wrists.

Sean raised an eyebrow at the sight of me, but said nothing and set aside a bag he'd bought with him. "What do you want done first Oli?"

"His cock." I wasn't sure what he meant and before I could ask, my brother was by my side. He picked a cock gag from the bedside table, sliding the rubbery plastic between my lips and securing it's leather straps around my head. I felt Sean's fingers wrap around the base of my length, my body shivering at the feeling. Oli moved out of sight and sitted on a chair that he had bought into the room months ago just so he could watch me squirm. I looked down at Sean, curious as to what he was going to be doing to me. He was rubbing my head with soft cotton wool, though why I wasn't sure yet. It became clear exactly why he was doing that when he moved away, returning with what looked like a piercing device.

"This'll only hurt a little." Sean was smirking as he bought it closer to my cock. I had a feeling he was lying.


Of course, he had been. Half an hour later my dick still hurt like hell, even though he'd helped me into my new suit and pierced both my nipples since then. The suit had two small holes which my hardened nubs went through when it was slid onto my body, so the silver rings that went through the both lay against my shiny black body. My cock went through a similar hole, though my balls were pressed tight against my body.

Sean seemed satisfied with what he'd done as he trailed his fingers over my body. The latex gloves he'd worn earlier were gone now, tossed inside a plastic bag he'd bought with him. "Is he as you wanted?"

"He's perfect." My brother's voice was like a purr and I could tell he was hard without looking at him.

"Can I...?"

"Yes." I watched Sean undress quickly, his slim body unblemished. Unlike my brother he had few tattoos, all of which he had on his right ankle. No piercings adorned his body, which I found strange considering he had the tools for doing so. His pubic hair was curly and brown, with the tips bleached blonde to match his hair. I suspected he'd once dyed the whole area and he just wasn't bothered with redoing it now. His dick was hard, with a shiny head. He was about the length Oli was, though he appeared to be slightly fatter.

"On all fours boy." I did as I was told, getting on my hands and knees in front of him, presenting myself face first so that my head was level with his crotch. He unstrapped the gag, allowing it to fall to the floor below me before moving out of sight. I felt the dildo that Oli had left inside of me be pulled out by Sean's hands and I pushed my hips forward in an attempt to help him. I gasped softly when it's black length was eased out of me. Sean didn't give me any chance to recover from it's removal, as his length entered my wet hole seconds later. I groaned his name, feeling his hands attempt to grip onto my hips as he started roughly thrusting into me. I heard Oli move, though tried to ignore it and focus instead on squeezing my ass around Sean to get the Welsh boy off. "Fuck, he really is amazing Oli, you're so fucking lucky."

"I know." My eyes had lidded from concentration, so it was my sense of smell that picked up on Oli's cock being in front of my face. I opened my mouth and expertly sucked him off, just like I had before. I guessed I should have found it hard to concentrate on pleasing them both, but I loved the challenge. My ass tightened around Sean on it's own as he hit my spot, so I focussed on my lips and tongue around my brother. "That's it, you're such a good boy for me aren't you?"

I moaned softly around him at those words, suckling harder to please him more. My ass was being filled by Sean's load, which probably meant he hadn't had much action recently. He was moaning expletives in both Welsh and English as he came, which made Oli pulse inside my mouth. Just words could bring him closer to the edge. He often made me tell him dirty dreams I had or thoughts of what I wanted him to do to me while he fucked me. Each time he did he came in half the time he would normally. It didn't surprise me when I felt his familiar taste hit my throat and I just swallowed as best I could.

From the corner of my eye I watched Sean dress, though I didn't really care about him going until I heard his lips press against my brother's cheek above me. "Later?"

I pulled from his cock, glancing up to see his face, a slight wince marking it buthe soon shook it off. "Yeah." He gazed down at me as Sean left our home, a dark smirk on his lips now, which frightened me a little. "Soon pet, all my friends will be here using you. Sean was the first, but he won't be the last. And yes, he'll be back inside you again." He moved away, slamming the dildo that was within me back home again. "That's what it means to be a pet."
Tags: bring me the horizon, fic, oli sykes, oli sykes/tom sykes, sean smith, the blackout, tom sykes
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