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Not the other way around

Last night ws my first night in my new room. Ah twas good to be in a bed again. The room's about 80% sorted now (the biggest things missing are the comp that's here and shelves to be put up). The Tv's set up now and the old dvd player is now gonna be gotten rid of. It scratches the dvds played on it. It's already ruined my Futurama dvd and babu's Exorcism of Emily Rose. Bah.

Danny came over when we did but he started crying so babu took him back. We always thtought he cried cause he's needed to pee or that he's missed mum, but mum's been gone a day and he never did this over the road. So now we think it's ghostie.

Anyway, I have the pictures of the room I promised now.

The Star Wars table. The mini's are gonna go on the shelves once they're up

The Star Wars alcove thing

The Tv above it (The Wii's behind the Beckett poster)

The door to the en suite toilet

The computer table

This is where the new comp'll go. The pocket models'll go on the shelves

Doctor Who figs and Star Wars Lego

Old comp, Kit and R2 painting

Wardrobe that hasn't been emptied yet

Next to wardrobe/old fireplace

Above the beds

Me on bed

I'm gonna write some to fic and watch some Ally Mcbeal now.
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