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Unleash the wolves?

Centaur porn is < 3 x a billion and 17!

the_glory_days is uberlove for having Madina pics from Revolution < 3

Today's been fairly productive so far. We went to Blockbuster and I got 4 dvds: Zoolander, 8MM, House Of Flying Daggers and Lucky Number Slevin. Plus some jelly beans and we got more food.

On the way back I made a friend with this gorgeous black horse. He tried to eat me though! (and yes, I know it was a he, it was kinda hard not to). Anyway, he let me pet and stroke him and I fed him some grass. I wanna go see him again < 3

I'm now near the village boss on Resident Evil 4. Bah he's evil:(

I'm gonna try finish fic before we go over home. I hope to do it soon.


1. Gerard "Drunken, misunderstood comic book artist" Way or Gerard "Sober, yet genius comic book author" Way?
Gerard "Sober, yet genius comic book author" Way because being sober is much better.

2. Mikey "I love Adam Lazzara" Way or Mikey "I love Pete Wentz" Way?
Mikey 'I love Pete Wentz' Way, cause they totally did it < 3

3. Frank "Crooning post-pop punk Pencey Prep frontman" Iero or Frank "Brutal and hardcore Leathermouth screaming frontman" Iero?
*shrugs* Do i have to have an opinion?

4. Ray "Holy magnificant thighs, Batman!" Toro or Ray "Welcome to the gun show, baby" Toro?
I don't get what the second one means:[ So the first one. His thighs (and that whole general area) is guhh

5. Bob "Get that fucking camera away from me kind of tough" Bryar or Bob "I love kitties and Mr. Bean" Bryar?
That's hard, Bob "I love kitties and Mr. Bean" Bryar cause he's adorableness
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