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Two sides of the same coin

Thank you everyone that was so nice last night. < 3

I hurt my foot last night, and babu went outside. I started writing and making icons, but when she cam eback she was all upset. :( Thankfully she's not now.

After that we watched Spaced, which amused us greatly.

For once the workmen weren't loud so I got a decent sleep. I had a dream where we met Bob and I gave him a hug and ruffled his hair.

Picture post later of my new room and stuff. Of course, it isn't fully sorted (the shelves aren't up, my comp's not there and the Tv isn't set up) but it's mostly ready. I'd say it's 70-80% sorted so far.

Mum goes away tomorrow to Scotland for a few days, so that's when we'll be going over there to stay until Tuesday. I'll still be coming back and forth till aol's sorted there though. If it's sorted before I go down for Decaydance I'll move the comp over there. If not it moves the day I leave.

Expect two-three posts later: the pic post, typed up Kerrang! article and fic.
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