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And they pushed them right back

I love Hiro in Heroes. He's so cute and squeally < 3 Today I learned the guy that plays him worked on all three Star Wars prequels, which serves to make me love him more.

I think the stress from this move is getting to me. It's making me read things wrong and getting me all defensive for no reason.

We were over there earlier and sorted out posters and some other stuff. I'll take pictures tomorrow, once the men have fitted the room's new blinds.

Finally went back on Residengt Evil 4. I'm outta the house of evil but now am at the routes of evil. Dumb troll or chainsaws.

Next week's Decaydance. I only registered it halfway through today. Anyone going I'll be in my MCR bleeding roses tee (I'll take a pic tomorrow).

I refound the Bullet kerrang, so I'll type that up soon.

Mum found a lump, she's going into hospital tomorrow and getting it looked at. Maybe it's stress induced, but maybe it's worse.
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