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Cheese it!

There's a picture of Gerard going around that is so, so wrong. It's like some sort of violation against nature. I'm going to say something now I thought I'd never, ever say. Gerard, go back to kissing Frankie k?

Ughh I feel so dirty.

I've got one of those odd sparkly stick on things on. It's a butterfly on my wrist. Trouble is I keep forgetting it's there and thinking the red of it's blood.

Finished the Futurama run last night we did. yay for Futurama! I miss it even more now I've seen it fully.

I was woke this morning by something outside that's both bigger and louder then a drill. Thankfully it's stopped now and it seems like the work outside is close to be done. Though I could be wrong.

Kerrang! today's a bit eh. There's no good posters or much of anything really. Aiden's done a shoot with flowers (is there some sort of flower fetish going on?) and there's a thing with Pete, though Pete's toplessness is distracting. There's a small pic of Matt smiling which I think's cute and a 3 question interview with him with odd questions I don't like. Next week has stuff bout Reading and Leads, a 30 Seconds poster (which I hope isn't just Jared like it looks like) and a cd. I love when there's cds. I like about 8 of the people on this one.

I got some more Pepsi when I got Kerrang.

I'm gonna look at ficlist soon cause I can't do much of anything else right now.


Edit: After looking at the ficlist I'd like some help with finding the following:
*Info on furries
*Tentacle porn
*Info on Pyramid Head (from Silent Hill)
*Info on ponyplay

Also I'd like to know what things people would like to read, specifically in terms of role-playing. As well as specific fics they'd want to see from the list and if anyone would want me to do more fics with Robb in (and if so, who with).

This is mostly cause I'm curious and indecisive at the same time which is a bad combination.
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