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Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Matt Tuck/Robb Flynn, mentions of various Bullet pairings.
POV: Matt
Notes: I pondered doing an ending at the Kerrang interview, though with losing it and all I decided not to. However tis the interview that inspired me. And bloodyhands
Warnings: None really, tis smut
Dedications: the_glory_days, mrsvandertramp, bloodyhands, antontobias86, mikeyface, fastbetty31

Meeting your idols is a strange thing. I guess it's something I'll have to get used to.

"You're Matt Tuck aren't you? From Bullet For My Valentine?" I swore my cheeks flushed bright red when he spoke those words. He seemed to be so much bigger then me, more-so then I imagined. Having random people in the street know your name is one thing, but having an actual famous person know you is something else.

"Ye.. yeah, that's me."

He smiled, well it was more of a grin actually, and patted me on the shoulder. "You guys are pretty good." That made me blush a little more, but also made my cock twitch slightly in my jeans. I didn't quite understand why. "Fancy a drink?"


Until Robb came to me, I'd just been sitting in a corner watching Padge and Jay try to outdrink each other again. Jay would always win, so it was almost pointless for Padge to keep trying. But Padge had some sort of unique mix of persistance and stupidity, so he'd never stop trying. Moose was sat between them, being the semi-sober judge. I was sure he'd be distracted by something shiny, or some tight assed guy before it was over though. To be honest, I was thankful Robb had come to take me away from them.

As I followed him to the bar, I found my eyes drawn to his ass. Thoughts were instantly filling my mind over what I could do if we were alone. Fuck, maybe I'd watched too much porn. Or just watched too much drunken band sex. I shook my head, then sat on the bar stool beside him, gazing at his face instead. He had a sort of goatee thing, with a septum nose ring and black hair almost as long as mine. He ordered us two beers, then looked at me properly. I felt his eyes burn into me as they scanned my face, the dark orbs only leaving mine when he downed some of his drink. "So, tell me about yourself Matt. I think I used up all my knowledge on you when we met." He chuckled softly, which sent tingles down my spine.

"There's not much to tell really. I'm 25, from a place called Bridgend in Wales and, well, music's my life really. Kerrang's supported us so much since we started out, so we're on their tour next year." I bit my lip when I realised I was rambling slightly, but he just smiled at me. For some reason it felt like a real smile to me.

He leaned in close to me and whispered softly so that only I could hear. "Do you like guys Matt?"

"G... guys?" I stuttered slightly, not believing what I was hearing.

"Yes Matt, as in do you like cock up your ass." I closed my eyes slightly at his words, but could practically hear him smirking. It made me painfully hard.


I felt his calloused fingers on my thigh, his thumb pressing against my bulge. Fuck, now he knew I was hard. "You're just a little boy Matt, you should get fucked by a real man." I nodded, without speaking or even thinking. "Finish your drink, we'll go to my hotel." I drank the rest of my beer faster then I'd ever drank in my life, faster then even my bandmates drinking contests. I didn't care that the booze would go straight to my head, all I wanted was to get out of here. My eagerness seemed to just amuse him, but he downed the remains of his beer as well, then led me out.

Hardly anyone noticed we were heading out together and the few that did recieved glares from Robb. Neither of us we really needed there anymore though.

Once outside, he led me to his rental, unlocked the doors and nudged me inside. I climbed in the passanger seat as he entered the driver's one. He wasn't as drunk as I was, I could tell when he gripped onto my dark locks and roughly kissed me. His tongue forced it's way between my lips and I could only taste the recent beer on the soft flesh. Padge, Jay and Moose had all drunkenly kissed me before now, so I could tell if someone was truly drunk by a kiss. I surrendered to him completely, leaning against his stronger body as our tongue's circled around each other. Some people duelled with their tongue's when we kissed but I knew if we did he would win, hand's down. We parted only for breath, which was a series of ragged pants as opposed to actual breaths. He didn't kiss me again, but instead chose to start up the car. I knew that was for the best as sex in a car could be incredibly difficult. Plus there may still be photographers lurking around.

He drove us to his hotel, which was only a few minutes away though it seemed like forever. I spent the whole trip squirming in my seat and trying to catch a glimpse of his crotch, though I couldn't seem to get a decent look. I wasn't even sure if he was hard yet and I was dying to know. He broke the trip's silence only when we entered the hotel's car park. "Are you a virgin?"

The question caught me off guard and I hesitated with my answer. "I... I'm not."

"Ever had anyone older then you? And I don't mean your drunk bandmates." He'd parked the car in the time I took to respond so his attention was now focussed solely on me. I knew what he was implying.

I shook my head and the words easily fell from between my lips. "I haven't been fucked by a real, experienced man." I reached over and stroked his knee, keeping my eyes on his. "Not like you." My answer seemed to satisfy as his lips locked upon mine again. I heard the faint click of his seatbelt, then his hand was tangled in my hair, holding me against him tightly. I liked how forceful he was with me, it made me harder then ever.

We sat like that in the car for at least five minutes, with our lips locked and tongue's dancing and hands on each others legs. When we did part again, his eyes were clouded with lust. "Let's go little boy."

He opened his door and climbed out, heading towards the hotel. I quickly got out and headed after him, licking my lips slightly as I anticipated what he'd be doing to me once we arrived in his room. I was so lost in perverted thoughts that I didn't even notice I'd followed him into the lift until he pressed me against it's wall. He pinned me easily, then leaned in close and bit hard on my exposed neck. I tipped my head slightly for him, moaning his name softly as my skin was pierced by his sharp teeth. He purred against me, lapping up my blood until the lift's doors opened. He pulled away from me, gripping onto my left wrist tightly and dragged me down the hall to what had to be his room.

Once inside, I barely had a chance to glance around the room before being pushed onto the bed. He kicked the door shut behind him before he climbed on top of me, his hands reaching for my tee. I had a feeling that tonight would just be about sex, nothing else. That didn't bother me though. I spread my legs wide for him, raising my arms so he could expose my chest. He practically ripped my tee off my body, throwing it aside and reaching down to stroke at my skin. His eyes clearly gazed over my body and arms, his tongue darting over his lips. His fingers traced over my tattooed arm, his other hand on my stomach. "You should get more tattoos." I nodded, having considered doing so for awhile, but now I wanted to get them even more for when we next met. That is, if we met again, which I hoped we did.

When I moved my hands to aid in undressing him, he held both of them down, growling loudly. "Keep them on the bed slut unless I say otherwise." My erection twitched inside my jeans and I stilled my arms. He seemed pleased buy my stillness, so he let go of my wrists and removed his sleeveless t-shirt. He was more muscled then I was, with a generally more bulky body. He smirked slightly, kissing my lips briefly as he stood up. I could now see he had an extremely clear bulge within his pants. He worked the zipper down slowly, his eyes watching me intently as he did so. I just lay there, unable to do anything else but watch him push his jeans down his strong thighs, to pool around his feet. Unlike me, he was not going commando as a pair of black boxers clung to his arousal. I squirmed on the sheets, desperate to see him completely naked, but he was still denying me that pleasure. He kicked the jeans away, crouching down to untie and step out of his shoes. "Don't move your arms boy." I did as I was told, but found it hard to be good, especially when he stood by my side and started undoing my fly. He chuckled when my erection hit his palm, but ignored it to grab the sides my jeans and pull them off my body. When they reached my ankles he pulled off my trainers and gazed at my now bare crotch. "See, you are a boy. Do you know why?" He didn't even give me chance to shake my head before continuing. "Because you have a boy cock." He cast my ripped jeans aside, then spread my legs to glance between them.

That was when he mumbled somthing under his breath and left my sight. I think he said something about lube but I couldn't be to sure. He returned from the bathroom a few moments later with shiny, slicked up fingers. He used his dry hand to pull one of my legs down the bed and I guessed what he wanted. I hooked my slim, slightly hairy legs over his shoulders, noting the smile that crossed his face when I did so. His wet fingers ran between the cheeks of my arse and he deftly shoved one inside me the moment he found my hole. I let out a squeal of pain, reaching with both hands to push him away instinctively. He didn't even flinch, just grabbed my wrists in his free hands and pushed them them onto the bed forcefully. "Now boy, I told you before not to move those arms of yours without permission." He growled lowly, twisting his wet finger roughly inside my hole, releasing my hands as he did so. "Do it again and I'll throw you out." After he said those words, his finger slid out almost all the way, but it was quickly replaced by itself and another thick digit, making me squeak loudly at the intrusion. "Understand now boy?"

I nodded wordlessly because I could tell he wasn't lying. i kept my arms stretched above my head, clasping my hands and knitting their fingers together. I wondered if keeping my hands still was so important to him why he didn't just tie or cuff them to the headboard. Maybe he just didn't have anything he could use for that with him or he got off on making a guy use his self control. If so, then maybe I should call him sir or daddy or something like that.

"Good." He scissored my fingers inside my entrance, causing my head to tip back and eyes to flutter closed. I heard the rustling of him pushing his boxers down and felt his shoulders move as he discarded them completely. "I want you to beg for me boy. I want you to tell me exactly what you want me to do to you." The fingers thrust furiously into my hole and I felt them graze my spot upon their entrance.

"I want you to fuck me as hard and rough as you can sir. I want you to bury your huge cock so deep inside my tight ass, then ram into me so hard that the whole city can hear my screams. I want you to fill me with your seed and stroke me with one of your strong hands until I cover myself." I opened my eyes slight to guage his reaction and from the smirk on his face I could tell I was giving him what he wanted. "I'll be a good boy and keep my arms above me while you pound me sir."

He removed his fingers from my body, snaking his tongue over his lips. "Good boy, I'll give you what you want." I felt his cock nudge between my cheeks as he moved toward me. "Once I'm inside you I want you legs around my waist." I nodded slightly as he wiped the fingers that had been in my ass on my leg. "Ready?" I nodded once more and that seemed to be all he needed from me. He found my wet hole and pushed the head of his length inside, causing me to hiss slightly in pain. He was bigger then both his fingers were so pain was pretty much unavoidable for me. I bit my lip hard and squeezed my hands together tighter to take my mind of it as he inched inside me. Once the first few inches were in he stopped being slow and slammed his hips forward. "Fuck, you're tight boy." He groaned in pleasure, his hands on my thighs now, stroking my sweaty skin. "I bet you've just been dying to be fucked by a real man haven't you?" He cupped my balls in one hand, rolling them betwen his fingers as he moved back.

"Ye... yess sir." I gasped out softly, my teeth retracting from my now slightly bloody lip as I spoke those few words. I moved my legs from his shoulders slowly and once he realised what I was doing he raised his arms, allowing me to move my legs to his waist easier. I gripped him tightly with them and pushed my feet against his ass to urge him on. He didn't really need the hint.

He thrust his cock back inside me, easily burying it up to the hilt in one go. His tip brushed against my spot, which only caused me to groan louder in pleasure. He smirked again, returning his hands to my crotch, but they did nothing more then lightly stroke and tease at my aching flesh. He lay over me, pressing his body against mine as he started to lick me lightly. But he wasn't lapping at my neck or lips, instead he was attacking my armpit. I wasn't sure whether to giggle or moan when I first felt his tongue traced over my hairs. I was surprised at how each swipe of his tongue sent pleasure through my body to my cock. I felt his pierced nose press against my arm, which only served to make it somehow hotter. Then he pulled out and started thrusting his hips again, this time harder then before and at a slightly different angle he slammed against my spot. My moans filled the room, with him grunting softly, his tongue tracing over my chest until it reached my other wet pit. He gave it the same treatment as the first, keeping his movements at the same rough pace as he did so. His fingers wrapped around his erection and he started stroking it at a similar sort of pace as his thrusts. My eyes were lidded again as his tongue finally left my tangled hairs, and slipped into my mouth. He tasted of my salty sweat now, but I didn't care. I responded eagerly to him, suckling on the soft flesh and lapping at it with my own to tongue.

I still couldn't quite register that it was him fucking me and not just a drunken Padge like I was used to, even though their styles of fucking were completely different. When Padge always took me I'd be on all fours, because he liked me to suck his dick clean afterwards. His speed varied depending on how drunk he was. If he was very drunk it'd be as rough and hard as Robb was now. He'd never jack me off or kiss me. Jay and Moose were different though. They'd kiss and touch.

The speed of the movements of both his cock and hand increased, probably because he was close. I squeezed his length with my ass muscles, arching up against his skin. I was close as well, droplets of my precum from my cock sticking to both our chests. His lips left mine properly for the first time since the connected and he breathed against me. "Shoot boy. I know you want to." At that he squeezed his hand around my dick and I cried out his name, my load spraying over our joined bodies.

As I came, my ass started milking his dick, which sent him over the edge after two more thrusts. I felt him coat my insides as he came, his name passing his own lips. My legs went limp and dropped from his waist. He rode out his orgasm within me, only pulling out after his length began to soften. "You have nice arms boy, among other things." He took a few steps back and looked over my panting body, his cock shining with his cum. His chest glistened in the light with a mix of sweat and semen. It seemed he was thinking something over though I wasn't sure what until he opened his mouth. "You're good enough for us to get together again." That same smirk crossed his lips again when he spoke those words. He approached me and lay beside me on the double bed and I moved up so we lay next to each other properly. Our lips met again, though this time the kiss was much more sloppy.

I drifted to sleep beside him, still not believing what had transpired this night. I was sure I'd spent the next few weeks relieving it and variations of it while I wanked. I hoped it'd be mutual.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, machine head, matt tuck, matt tuck/robb flynn, robb flynn, slash
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