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Today was originally going to be my last day online for awhile. Blissfully it's not. I figured most everything would be gone today but it's not. Sure the bed's finally gone, as are wardrobes and cabinets but the sofa's gone too and there's still boxes and bags of mum's crap lying around. I doubt we'll be finished before she leaves Friday.

It doesn't help that roadworks are going on outside, so the past two days I've been woken by it. Also it means moving everything that's left is gonna be harder to do. But it means night is gonna be the best time to move, which I've preferred. Early hour movement FTW.

I hate that this means I won't be set up at home for even a full day before having to go down south. Curse ye Decaydance.

I'm so tired and achy cause everything seemed to be in the way.

LJ's 'clarified' everything again. It's not the best yet. I still don't like how it equates art with child pornography. They really need to define that better.

Mostly it seems to be an art thing rather then anything else.

Last night I started on writing the plot bunny I had. It's from the Bullet Kerrang! I found (which'll be the source of inspiration for a load of Bullet fics for awhile to come), but I'll say no more. Once I've refound it I'll type the thing up and post it. Probablty with scans too.

Once I've done that fic I'll see about writing the stuff from the list. I should get it done tonightish though, depending on how I feel later.

In an unrelated note (sorta) I like Machine Head more then I thought I would. Well, what I've heard anyway.

The noise outside is driving me insane, so we'll be going to the cemetary in a few. Followed by a trip to get some food for the next few days.

Next post be fic I hope.
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