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Le miel, Ce Miroir n'Est pas Assez grand pour Deux d'entre Nous

Words cannot express how violated and frustrated I feel right now. But more on that later.

Today was a day I've been dreading, the Job Centre reviewy thing. So I went in and waited, ready to rant and generally prepare to defend myself against this person who was gonna be questioning me. Turns out, she was nice and everything was shorter and easier then expected. Cept the wait. I hate the wait. Still it was nice to have a friend person who actually gave helpful info.

Then we went off to Walsall. from the sci-fi shop we got mini's (yay for getting Luke's Landspeeder and the perdy Human force Adept) and pocketmodels (yya for finally getting a Venator-class).

From Virgin babu got some Muse cds and Cannibal Holocaust. I go Spaced cheap causa an offer on. I almost got Santi cause I don't have the actually disc. I'll have to find it in another virgin.

We had Mcdonalds which is always yay.

From HMV I got Rock Sound for another poster and My Neighbour Totoro (cause he looks cute and TORO < 3). I'll get all the Studio Ghibli films eventually. I almost got Kiki's Delivery Service or The Cat Returns as well, but alas, not enough money. Also got an Obi-Wan figure from Asda and babu a Spiderman thingy.

I used the £10 on my Game reward card so babu could get Trauma Center. Yay for going on it later!

Last we went to Argos to get shelves. The ones I wanted were outta stock so we got other ones. Which seem bigger so yay! Also got a Doctor Who figure. At first i was sad cause what came was Dalek Thay (which I have) but the lady was nice and cool and asked one of the others to bring the rest for me to choose from. Ideally I was after a Judoon, but they had Novice Hame (aka cat nun) so I had here to go with the Face Of Boe. I thought she wasn't gonna be out so yay! I like nice people like that lady.

I couldn't find Darren's single anywhere which made me eh. I'll get his album next week though.

When we came back, well, everything was a mess. Mum had got my stupid cousins over and they'd bagged everything. half the stuff that was here is now gone. I had to go over and retrieve some of babu's dvds and my signed stuff. Bastards.

I hate that side of my family, they're akin to half-breeds. All the time while my nan and grandad were sick none of them showed up. They didn't even believe anything was wrong with nan until she went in hospital. They didn't come to see grandad until they knew his cancer had returned and it was terminal. This is why I hate them, they've never shown up or cared but now they are and I don't like it. I don't buy it either. Soon they'll be gone again until nan dies. They hardly even go to see her in the home and they never offer to take me of mum.

I'm gonna have to go through everything at some point and make sure nothing's missing, cause if there is, heads will roll.


Anyone got any good pics of Robb Flynn? I had a fic idea that I might work on when I'm calmed down.
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