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15 times?

So, I'm going through my old Kerrangs cause I'm packing em up to get sent over tomorrow. One of them is an old one 06 with a Bullet interview. Oh goddess it's the best thing ever. It's like, some sort of perverted slashers dream. I'm so glad I found this thing cause it's totally gonna give me loads of ideas. BLOCK BEGON! (Sure it's for Bullet porn and not MCR/Panic!/The Used etc but still...)

Moose has wanked 15 times in one day. That is just... wow. Gods bless Kerrang.

Soon we'll go to bed causa stupid Job center. Gah!

We'll be going to Walsall after it though, to get shelves and other stuff. I'll get Darren Hayes single too (why didn't I know it was out?) as well as Rock Sound.
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