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Stop trying to destroy the world!

Last night was spent watching Futurama and Princess Mononoke. The annoying thing about Mononoke was that it was in Japanese, though the creditssaid it was the dub. Bah. The ickle Kodama are so adorable < 3

Today mum's come over to pack her stuff. How is it that when she comes she manages to block the way into three rooms (including the bathroom) without her seeming to realise how annoying that is for us. I mean, we've now gotta clear those things out the way now as opposed to waiting till night.

Bah. Whatever I set out to do she always seems to wreck by doing stuff like that.

I'm not good at keeping up with what's going on, so what am I missing/have missed?

What do Machine Head sound like? I'm curious.

I'm confused about AOL's house moving stuff.

I'm never able to write cause I go on for short periods of time. Bah.

Edit: Yay for Gerard's three years of soberness!
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