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Redouble our efforts?

It's far too hot to be moving stuff around.

I hate that we now lack a bed here. It was moved yesterday, almost a week before it was meant to be. So last night I was stuck on the sofa and I didn't get a good sleep. Hence family hatred last night.

Babu's tried to make a double bed thing on the floor. I dunno if it'll work yet though.

Today the Royal Starship's been moved, with the rest of the minis and the Star Wars books have been unpacked on the bed. Was meant to move the large Lego stuff today but that'll be done tomorrow instead.

Let it be known that I despise this moving crap.

I'm now gonna watch Futurama.

If I'm not tired later, I might be on. I might also ponder writing.

Madina fic? Pweese?
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