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Insert glee here

Tomorrow's Kerrang is gonna be some kinds of awesome. first causa the perdyness of the Toro and second cause of Madina being on the cover looking mmmm. Good covers recently FTW!

Today we went to Walsall to see the Simpsons Movie and get some stuff.

I got the Starship Battles Starter set, Alliance And Empire mini's, card wallets, pocket models, Clone Wars Top Trumps and some Doctor Who dvds. I'm now only short of two of them (Runaway Bride and Series 3 Volume 3, but eh Family Of Blood). I got babu some stuff and she got me Rock Sound (which side of the poster should I put up first, gah!) and an ickle unicorn.

We had Mcdonalds which is always good.

Now onto the Simpsons Movie. the trailers were eh (cept Stardust), there were annoying kids in front and the sound cut out not once but at least THREE times. Still I thought it was brilliant. Green Day amused me, Spiderpig was love (though what happened to him?) and it was just, brilliance. It amused me so much (but then it doesn't take much). Yay for seeing it!

The mail came as we went out and the thign for me's the Madina 7" with the signed picture < 3 YAY!

Last night I went on Sonic And The Secret Rings, which tired my wrist out after I learned the controls. We also watched Hot Fuzz. Simon pegg is brilliant < 3 So's Nick.
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