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The all singing, all dancing crap of the world

To ensure I won't post there again, I've left mychemicalslash altogether. I'll probably leave allother MCR slash comm's cept the Waycest ones later on. All MCR slash comms seem to have become so conceited and bitchy.

The thing about that place that I hate is that for other people it's picking on little mistakes. Normally it's spelling mistakes they go for, or just generally mocking certain lines or paragraphs. But it's never like that for mine. For mine it's always about content, even though I clearly put warnings what there'll be, they still seem to feel the need to read/skim it and then rip it apart. Now, if I don't like something, I just don't read it.

What they're doing to me would be like me reading a Ferard smut and then complaining that it was Ferard smut.

Somehow, they're not capable of not reading stuff they know they won't like (in fact some of them seem to specifically avoid it because it's mine).

And then it always becomes personal, often saying I'll become/already am a psycho.

Admittedly, this isn't as bad as the other time this happened. Then I was weak from grandad being in hospital and I stumbled upon the place.

This time I read it the week after I've finally got back into writing again, so they basically kill what inspiration/lack of block I had.

Sometimes I wonder if they realise the damage they're actually doing to people there. Of course they don't because that would mean having a brain.

I actually pondered going through mychemicalslash and deleting everything I've ever posted there.

However, if I find out something's posted about me there again (which is unlikely cause I'm not just posting fic here) I'll unfriend whoever posted it and not even consider readding them. Unless you want to go over there and try and defend me, but of course no one has before so I don't expect any of you to do (which should surprise me considering how many of you are on there, but somehow it doesn't).

Today we went out to Blockbuster. It was a bit eh, but I finally got Saw 3 and Perfume. On the way back I got disturbed cause some chicks called out my name. That's not surprising cause loadsa people here seem to know it, but they also knew babu by name. That's more worrying.

That troubles me.

Let us hope Gerard keeps urging the others to take off their clothes. Ray topless is hot and I wanna see it in front of me. I wanna see Gerard and Bob topless too. Yeah, and Mikey.

Edit: Anyone on that comm, go now. I'm not know for doing friends cut (in fact I've been on here for 3 years and never done one) but it's very likely I'll do one now.

Edit 2: Oh what a nice person crossbow1 is
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