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Pairing: Gerard/Ray
POV: Ray
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Gerard thinks Ray's the perfect person who can help him lose weight.
Warnings: Purging, sick
Notes: This is my first proper Ray/Gerard (just as 16 was my first proper Ray/Mikey), so be kind.
Dedications: the_glory_days, mrsvandertramp, bloodyhands, antontobias86, mikeyface, fastbetty31

"So, you live in basement?"

He cheeks flushed red as he opened the door, his painted fingers pushing open the wooden door to grant us entry. He said nothing as he led me down the stairs into his place. Despite being a basement appartment it was quite nice. it was all one main room, with a doorway into the bathroom. There was a bed, shelves with various dvds, a small couch and a Tv, as well as a small table that was clearly reserved for his artwork. He'd mentioned something about being an artist and I was really curious what he'd come up with. "So... would you like a drink?"

I nodded, licking my fulls lips lightly. "Yeah, sure." He flashed me a small smile, opening a mini fridge and pulling out a beer as I slipped off my jacket and sat on the couch. "So, you said you were an artist?"

He sat beside me, handing me the can and nodding slightly. "Yeah..."

I pulled the ring up and took a deep, long drink before gazing at me, my hand on his knee. "I'd like you to draw me, then I'll do whatever you wanted me here to do."

"Really?" He had the biggest grin on his little face and I couldn't help but smile. At school he was always this quiet little fat kid that sat on his own and kept to himself, always drawing in his little note books but not letting anyone see. I liked the idea of him drawing me.

"I'd like to see some of your work first. If that's ok." I brushed some of my curly hair from my face, giving him a smile to show I was being genuine with my interest in his work.

He seemed to hesitate, before going to get some sheets of paper. "I've never had someone ask me to draw them before, so I can't promise it'll be as good as these." He handed them to me, going quiet so I could look through the drawings without distraction. The first one was a darkened landscape, with twisted trees that were in flames and the ground beneath them was dotted with pools of blood. The second was of a boy with glasses, who was clearly asleep, though he had two wounds on his neck, as if a vampire had bitten him. The third had that same boy again, siting in front of a tree. This time he was half naked and the tree was bleeding onto him. The last one was of a faceless marching band (although one of them was the glasses boy) who were wearing matching outfits, although each one was subtlely different. One had shorted silver stripes then the rest, another had more buttons, while the boy with glasses wore a trenchcoat version. Also they were playing guitars, a bass and a drum rather then traditional marching band instruments, which I found slightly odd. I wondered where he got all these strange images from.

"They're all amazing Gerard."

"Really? I'm glad you like them." He took them from me and carefully put them back where they were before he sat beside me again, watching me as i drank again.

"I do." I smiled at him again, then looked him right in the eyes, curiosity getting the better of me. "So, why exactly am I here Gerard?"

He squirmed in his seat, blushing rightly and stuttering as he spoke. "We... well, Ray... erm... I know, you're... blessed."


"With a huge wang."

"Ah... and you want me to what? Let you see? Touch? Taste? Take it up your ass?" I tipped my head to one side, genuinely curious as to which way he'd go. Sure, my dick was bigger then normal and it got me a fair amount of action from guys who normally wouldn't take a second glance to a guy like me, but still. I wondered where he was going.

"I want you to use it on me." His voice was quiet as he said that and he was looking at his feet.

"Use?" Gods, why couldn't this boy be more clear.

"I want you to use it... to get me to purge." He said it even quieter then the words before, though I didn't quite understand what he was asking me. His eyes were firmly on the floor.

"Please, explain this to me."

"I'm fat Ray and I'm not getting any lighter. I've tried going on diets and exercise but nothing works. I want to purge, but I just can't make myself. I want you to ram your large cock down my throat and thrust so hard and rough that I puke." Now that was an explanation I could understand. Strangely, the image was making my cock so hard that I wanted to do it right now. "I don't expect you to want to do it but... you said you'd do anything if I drew you..."

"Wow... Gerard." I bit my lip lightly, reaching for his chin to raise his head, gazing into his hazel eyes. "Is this something you really want?" He nodded slightly and I stroked his thigh. "Are you sure this won't cause problems for you?"

"I want to be thinner Ray, even just a little. I want to loose a few pounds and I can't seem to do it any other way." His eyes sparkled as he spoke and I could see the desperation in his orbs as well as hear it in his soft voice.

"Alright. I'll do it." A grin covered his face again and I felt my hardness twitch. "I'll do it tonight and two other times this week to see if it works for you, if it does... well, we'll see. But each time, I want to fuck you ok?" He squirmed slightly, either out of discomfort or arousal, I wasn't sure which it was right now. I leaned in close to him and kissed him on the cheek, trailing my hand up his leg. "Ok?" He purred softly, nodding as I let my fingers drift over his crotch. "Good."

I set aside the half-empty beer can and kissed him again, this time on his soft lips. I smiled again them, lapping at the space between them until he allowed my tongue to slip inside. I stroked his bulging crotch, then took the zipper between my fingers and slowly pulled it down. I wanted to see exactly what he looked like without clothing before I did as he asked. I hadn't seen him without clothes since gym class and I had to admit he'd turned me on then. Sure, he was fat then like he was now, but there was something about his pasty, chubby body that really turned me on. I remembered going home and jacking off over the thought of him naked. It wasn't even over images of him doing anything sexual, just him lying there with his clothes scattered around him. Ok, so sometimes he was covered in his own piss or jacking off but mostly it was him just laying there with a hard on.

I undid the top button of his fly, sliding my fingers into the opening, squeezing his hardness. As I did so I stroked his tongue with my own, absently wondering if he'd ever even been kissed. If that was true, then I felt sorry for him. Our lips parted and he moaned in pleasure at my touch, his eyes half-lidded. "Oh Ray."

I smiled and removed my hand from his pants slowly. "Take off your clothes, I want to see you naked." I never thought anyone could move as fast as he did right then. His pants and boxers were pushed down so they surrounded his ankles and then were promptly kicked away. His t-shirt soon followed, tossed over the couch and out of sight. I licked my lips as I took in his now naked body. Sure, he was fat but there was a clear beauty to his round body. His hard cock, although smaller then mine was shiny with precum. He had slight man tits, though they were small enough not to really be noticed. Still, I thought he was beautiful. I pulled my t-shirt off my own frame, feeling his eyes gaze over my more muscular body. I own had the extra muscles from playing guitar so much in my spare time, something I knew he'd tried once. Unfortunately, Gerard playing guitar was like hearing the death throes of a cat, only harder on the ears. I smiled as he looked me over, then I went to work on pulling my fly down when he realised he should remove his trainers. I unzipped it quickly, then pushed them down my thick thighs to land on the floor, stepping out of them and bending over to untie my shoes.


I always got that sort of reaction when someone saw me naked, wheather I was hard or not. So far I'd heard 'fuck', 'shit', 'holy shit', 'crap', 'holy crap', 'holy fuck' and 'what drugs are you on?'. I'd even had one guy poke it to see if it was real.

"I get that a lot."

He nodded and stared at it some more as I removed my feet from my shoes, pushed them away and then laid back, spreading my legs slightly to give him a better view. He fell to his knees in front of me, leaning in closer to my crotch as if seeing it up close would give him a better perspective. I took the oppotunity to gaze over his back and look at his sexy ass. For a few moments he just stared at it with wide eyes, like a child who'd just been given some wonderous new toy to play with. Eventually, he extended his tongue and trailed it from just above my balls to my shiny tip and back again, all the while looking up at me with those eyes of his. There was something about them and I was sure that they were oddly hypnotic. He smiled up at me and then decided it was time to do what he wanted me for. He moved back slightly, then took my leaking head between his lips and started working on swallowing my length. Despite what he wanted, I wasn't going to make him deepthroat me on the first suckle. I tangled my fingers into his dark hair and let him take more of me into his mouth. He pulled back slightly, took a deep breathe and went back down on my hardness, taking another inch in this time. His hands trailed up to my thighs, his fingertips stroking my skin lightly as he took me deeper down his throat. His eyes sparkled up at me and I could tell that he wanted me to take over. I shook my head, purring and licking my lips slightly. "Finger your fat ass and I will."

He blushed bright red at my words, then moved his left hand from my thigh to his mouth. I knew he was going to suck on his finger s to lube them, but they wouldn't fit alongside my dick. I grasped his wrist and bought it to my own lips, taking two of his fingers between them and suckling gently. I'd always wanted to suck cock, but because of the size of my own most guys didn't want me to, or just assumed I wouldn't want to. I lapped gently and sucked at his digits to coat them in saliva, keeping my eyes on his to make sure he realised I'd want to get on my knees for him at some point. I smiled around his fingers, slowly removing them from between my lips, watching himquickly move them to his ass and work them between his cheeks. Once I felt him moan around me I knew it was almost time to do what he wanted. I checked to make sure both fingers were buried inside him, wiggling to spread his hole before gripping his hair tighter. I pushed his head down roughly, forcing my cock into his untrained throat. He gagged a little around me, but didn't try to push me away. I pulled out and thrust back into his warmth, barely giving him a chance for breath. I hoped I was doing this right for him because if I didn't I might end up choking him. I kept my eyes on his, watching intently for any signs that he was in serious discomfort. It was when I slammed my cock between his lips the third time that I felt something. It was felt like it burned the tip of my cock, not a burn caused by heat but more an acidic one. I withdraw from his lips instantly, watching as he threw up all over my crotch. He let himself fall back onto the floor, bending his head down so that the rest of it landed on his chest. There was something strangely arousing about seeing him like that and I knew that there was probably something wrong with me for thinking that.

He was now panting heavily, his chin covered in a mix of saliva and sick and his body trembling slightly. I stood up and went to his shivering body, lifting it up into my arms to carry him to his bed. Once there, I laid him on the black mattress and spread his legs slightly. "Thank you Ray." I returned his smile as he raised his legs, hooking them over my shoulders. "Fuck me, please..."

I didn't need him to ask me twice. I nudged my hard, wet length between his cheeks aiming roughly for where his fingers had been inserted. I pushed my hard-on against his crack, being careful not to push too hard until my head pressed against his wet pucker. I smiled as I found it, gripping tightly onto his surprisingly sharp hips as I thrust within him. He cried out loudly, tipping his head back against the sheets as I entered him. I eased my length into him, not wanting to hurt him but I knew that pain was unavoidable for him. "You ok?" He bit his lip and nodded, his eyes half-lidded again. Encouraged, I rammed the rest of my shaft inside him, watching his large body writhe beneath me as my heavy balls slapped against him. I leaned down over him, my curly hair brushing against his slick chest. I kissed him hungrily, sticking my tongue into his mouth as I pulled out, slamming back within him. There was something about his twitching hole that made him feel so much better then anyone else I'd been with. I pulled out and thrust back inside him roughly, digging my nails into his skin and pressing our body's together. I didn't care that his sick was now pressing against my skin, just like he didn't care that it was acting as lube for my thrusting dick. I didn't care that I could taste it on his tongue or that it would make us stick together as we moved. Maybe it would mean that we'd get to shower together in the morning.

I circled my tongue around his, ploughing him rough and hard. My fingers left his hip to wrap around his weeping cock, after all I wanted him to get off too. Our lips seperated so we could both gasp for the air we needed, though my tongue was still out to trail over his lips. "Faster... please..." I loved the sound of his pleading voice and my body instantly responded by speeding up the movement of both my hand and hips. He tipped his head back again and I moved my lips to kiss his exposed neck. I nipped his sensative skin, thrusting hard inside him and tugging faster on his arousal.

"Cum for me Gerard, cum all over your gorgeous, sticky body." He arched up into my hand, gasping at my words, incoherent mumblings falling from between his lips. I knew I was fairly close already and I hoped he was too. When each thrust I made resulted in him babbling nonsensically, I decided I must be hitting his spot. I made sure to keep that angle, stroking his cock as fast as I could. "You like that don't you my beautiful, fat slut? I know you do. All I ask is that you spray before me."

And, seconds later, he did. Maybe all he'd needed to orgasm mwas a few words of dirty talk to go with my actions, or maybe it was that I bit hard into his neck and that sort of thing got him off. I'd have to find out which it was at some point so I could work on it.

His ass squeezed tighter around me as he came and I managed to hold back for 0.5 seconds before I was joining him. I came deep inside his body, moaning his name as my dick pulsed inside him. I managed to keep thrusting inside him, albeit at a much slower pace as I rode my orgasm out. I managed to bring my fingers to my lips to lick them clean of his salty fluid, before collapsing beside him from exhaustion.

"You were amazing." I blushed at his words and give him a quick kiss, curling up against his sweaty body.

"So were you."


I woke up the next morning to find myself alone in bed, though I clearly heard the sounds of a shower running from behind the bathroom door. As I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I noticed a piece of paper was laying next to me. As I studied it, I smiled brightly. It was the drawing I'd asked Gerard to do do. It was me laying on the bed naked, my eyes closed in peaceful slumber and my nipples erect due to the cold. It was quite beautiful and I knew I'd keep it close to my bed once I was back home. Maybe Gerard should go into art for a living.

I settled the artwork on his desk and headed into the bathroom. After all, I couldn't let him shower alone.
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