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So shut your eyes

I couldn't sleep until 6 last night. Is my body trying to set records for itself or something? I hate that my eyes decided to go just after I wrote a lot.

A rough timeline of events for the remainder of the year:
Tomorrow: Babu comes
Tuesday: The Simpsons Movie
August 13th: Stupid Job Centre crap
August 14th: Last day of moving/last day of internet till AOL sets it up across the road
August 17th: Mum goes away
August 21st: Going to babu's
August 22nd: Decaydance Fest (Panic!, FOB, Cobra Starship, The Academy Is...)
August 28th: The Used
September 1st: Come back
September 9th-13th (undecided date): go back down south
September 14th: 30 Seconds To Mars
September 16th- (undecided): Come back
September 28th: Mum goes off again, Madina Lake
October 10th: The Blackout
October half-term: Down South again (which may result in October 15th: Fightsar)
October 20th: Birthday (bah)
November 12th: Babu's birthday (if I'll be there=unknown)
November 15th: MCR
November 21st: Taste Of Chaos (The Used, Aiden)

That means that, this year, I've seen about 90% of all the bands I really love (and some of them more then once). I did a band's I want to see live thing awhile back and now I'm seeing/have seen them all, so yay!

I think going to all these gigs works as a sort of balance that I need, otherwise I'd just look back on this year and wish it'd never happened.

I still hope Bullet do another gig this year, as long as Matt's throat's up to it.

I'm going to get drink soon, cause I has none.

I'm on my last Ally Mcbeal dvd. I'll totally get Season 3 if I see it cheap.

I haven't been on Resident Evil 4 in a week. Must go on it again soon.

I heart Forbidden Planet. My continued business, it'll get.

And to end:


Edit: I had a dream where Ray wanted to be gang raped. And he was, by Jepha, Padge, Pete, Bob and Gerard.
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