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Do not want

Is there something in the ehads of Job Center people that actively requires them to be annoying? Ok, it's bad enough that every time I go in I have to think of stuff to say (most of the time I haven't had time to do too much causa the cancer, the sickness, nan and now moving), it's bad enough that you can only have two times of sickness and after which you have to start the whole thing over again. But now they've decided I need to go in for an interview with them.

This annoys me cause:
*It's in the morning the day I sign on (so I'll have to be up early and then be waiting around for 4 hours after they're done)
*They want paperwork (honestly, who writes down details about every single thing they do)
*Around then we'll have finished moving at last, so I'll be too tired to go

Bah I'm gonna call em to stop it.

For once I'm not woke up by kids/workmen/phone. Hurray!

I'm gonna call em, move things and then get back online in an hourish.

Edit: Ok, so I don't need proof and I hate the letter for wording it like that. Also it means I don't have to go to proper signing on.
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