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I've started to fics tonight. A Waycest and a Ray/Gerard. Yet the Waycest isn't going well and the Ray/Gerard is. This troubles me.

1. How far have you gone to see My Chemical Romance
Manchester/London, I'm not sure which is further from me though

2. Exclusive ticket access to events. Good thing or bad thing?
(specifically things like MCR are playing in the O2 arena in london and people who are on the O2 network get to buy tickets first)
Bad thing if I can't get them, good think if I can :P

3. Do you write fiction about the boys? Or if you don't do you read it?
Yes to both, massively

4. Mikey, is he coming back or not? Why do you think that is?
I think he is, because his brother loves him and we need Waycest to balance out the Ferard

5. Do you have an MCR tattoo? If not do you want one or are you like our Gee and scared of needles?
Not yet, but I do want one.

I might have fic to post soon.

All tomorrow daytime I'll be moving stuff and setting them up. First Star Wars figs and a few posters, then the old comp.
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