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Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ray/Mikey
POV: Mikey
Warnings: Bondage, underageness, dom!Mikey
Dedications: the_glory_days who this was done especially for:P bloodyhands, antontobias86, mikeyface, fastbetty31

I secured his wrists above him in the shackles that hung from the ceiling, then stepped back to gaze over him. Ray Toro was such a beautiful little boy. His hair was a mass of soft, dark brown curls that I just wanted to grip onto while I ploughed into him. He had big lips that I wanted to be wrapped around my cock so much. What did it most for me, though, was the clothes that I'd left on his body. He wore a white shirt, with a tie hanging loose around his neck and tight pants clung to his young body. I'd removed his blazer before I'd shackled him, knowing it would just get in the way.

I'd seen Ray walk past my home for the past year on his way to and from school and it became my ritual to watch as he went by. I'd stand in my lounge, watching through the window until I saw him. Once he'd left my eyeline I'd go off and stroke my hardness, jacking myself off until I shoot my load. Sometimes I'd be picturing him between my legs with his large lips suckling my length. Other times I'd be thinking of him servicing his friends, though I rarely saw him with anyone. I knew there'd come a point where I'd have to have him and today was that day.

I went outside as he was on his way to school and waited for him, I smiled at him and said hi, then moved behind him and covered his face in a rag I'd dipped in chloroform. As he slumped in my arms I carried him into my home and here he was. I'd been preparing this for months now.

I watched him stir, licking my lips as he woke. He groaned as he woke, then his eyes instantly widened as he realised he was shackled. "What the fuck?" He struggled against his bonds, his young body clearly eager to be freed.

"Hello beautiful." I smiled and stroked his chest, taking his tie between my fingers and pulling it lightly. "I've been watching you for so long now. Watching and wanting you. I finally decided that today's the day I should have you."

His eyes looked over me fearfully. "Are you going to hurt me?"

"That all depends on how things go." I answered truthfully. I knew sex would hurt, especially if it was someone's first time and I had a habit of biting people's necks too hard.

He swallowed and looked at me, his hair rustling slightly as his head moved. "Are you going to fuck me?" I nodded and purred softly as his pink tongue darted out over his lips. As I looked into his eyes I noticed that, strangely, they seemed to have lose some of the fear that had filled them before. I started undoing his shirt buttons slowly, lifting the tie up to keep it around his neck.

"Tell me, how old you Ray?" His eyes widened again, but this time in surprise at my words. One of the few times he'd walked home with someone I'd heard them say his name. "And don't look so surprised at me knowing your name."

"I'm 16."

I always figured he was around that sort of age. "Have you ever done anything with a guy?" His cheeks flushed red at my question, which I took as either an embarrassed yes or a shamed no. I had to be sure which. "Well?" I asked as I opened his shirt, running my hands over his chest.

"Once..." There went my fantasy's of him being banged by all his friends. "He was drunk and I... I gave him head, but that's the most I''ve ever done. I've not even kissed another boy."

"How about we change all that hmmm?" I smiled at his confused expression, then crashed my lips on his. I traced my tongue over his full lips, moving my right hand from his chest to tangle in his curls. At first he was too stunned to part his lips but after a few moments he granted my tongue entry to his warm mouth. I circled and wiggled my tongue around his, using my hands to pinch his nipples and tug on his hair. He tasted oddly sweet, though I certainly wasn't complaining. As he moaned and nervously pressed his tongue against mine I could tell he was getting into it. I parted from him, but only because of my need to breathe.

He was panting softly against me, his eyes shining with lust. "Wow..."

"Mmm..." I licked at my lips and started to undo his pants, smiling to myself as I felt his obvious bulge that was hidden under them. I pushed his pants and boxers down his thick thighs, letting them drop to the floor so the lower half of his body was revealed to me. I took a step back to admire his body. "Fuck... are you sure you're just 16?"

"Yeah, why?"

As soon as my eyes fell on Ray's crotch, one thing stood out above all else: He certainly wasn't hung like a school boy. His fully erect cock was bigger then any I'd ever seen, even in porn. Looking at it made me briefly made me feel like I should be the one being fucked. I quickly shook my head to remove such thoughts. "Just... wow." I tore my eyes away from his impressive member to circle around his body slowly to get a look at his ass. It was nice, round and was covered in a light dusting of hair. I acted on my first instinct, which was to fall to my knees and extend my tongue to trail down his crack. My hands were on his cheeks as I heard him moan above, my palms parting them so my next lick went right over his hole. He squirmed against his restraints, which only encouraged me to lap at his entrance more.

"That's feels so nice..." I smiled, his words making my cock twitch even more

"My name's Mikey by the way." I took a deep breath, then planted my lips on his ring and wiggled my tongue inside his wet hole. He moaned my name as I pressed it along his pulsing walls, tasting his sweet ass. Sure he was a tad unwashed and sweaty, but that didn't bother me. You shouldn't go down on a guy's ass if that stuff bothers you. I inhaled his scent as I probed him deeper, my tongue extending as far as it would go inside him. I was sure, if his hands were free, they'd be tangled in my short locks, pushing my head closer to him. I smiled at that, twirling my tongue a few more times to taste him further, before I pulled back for air. Another thing about rimming was that you could lose your breath easily.

I stood up, released his ass from my grip and started to take off my pants, pushing them to the floor. I pulled my t-shirt over my head, dropping it to the floor, then pushed two fingers into his wet ass. As he moaned, I kissed and nipped at his neck, pressing my body against his school shirt. "Soon I'll be inside you Ray, do you want that?"

"Yes Mikey, I do." He groaned, rolling his hips back so he impaled himself on my fingers. "Please, I need it."

Fuck, he was so eager. "Soon beautiful." I bit into his neck hard, drawing blood as my fingers scissored and wiggled within his tight heat. I knew it would hurt him if I didn't prep him just right. The less it hurt, the more likely he'd return to me for more later. I lapped at the blood, knowing that I'd marked him as my own and that all the other boys would see that mark when he went back to school. Smirking, I moved to the other side of his neck and bit there just as hard, only this time it was where his neck met his shoulder.

I loved the sounds of him moaning.

I removed my fingers and quickly replaced them with the head of my cock, rocking my hips forward to bury myself within him. "Ugh..." I licked over the back of his neck as I worked myself into him fully, resting my length withing his body for a few moments. When my lips and tongue left his neck, I reached around for his tie, then pulled on it as I slipped out and rammed back within him. My other hand slide around his waist so I could stroke him in rough time to my movements. As I thrust in and out of him, tugging his school tie every so often. I knew he liked as, as every time I did it his hips arched and thrust his cock into my touch. I had the distinct impression that this wasn't going to last long, so I changed the angle of my thrusts every so slightly to try and find his spot. After about three attempts, I apparently did, as he howled in pleasure and squeezed tightly around my length.


"Do that again!" I hit his spot again and again, each time feeling him tighten around me even more then the time before it. "Mikey, I'm close..."

He lasted two more thrusts before his cock blasted his cum. I looked over his shoulder as it landed on his chest and shirt, then rolled down to cover my fingers. I closed my eyes and concentrate on the feeling of his hole spasming around me, trying to milk my dick dry. Moments later, I was unloading into him, my orgasm coming in waves as my cum splashed inside him.

I pulled out slowly and undid the shackles, wrapping my arms around his waist so I could led him over to the bed, where we fell together. I stroked his muscular, sweaty chest, planting kisses on his soft lips. "You wanna do that again some time?"

He flashed me a bright grin, which made my heart melt. "Fuck yeah!"
Tags: fic, mikey way, mikey way/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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