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At the bottom of the sea

It's strange to see the Star Wars table near devoid of Star Wars. All that's left now are two figs who can't hold their lightsabers, both kit's, Ki-Adi-Mundi, an Anakin and the battle arenas. The rest is packed in two bags and the Falcon. (I hope one day they actually decide to do a new Falcon cause they're still using the same damn mold from the original films which annoys me cause it's all out of scale and could have better stuff if it was redone.)

It's odd packing and seeing everything slowly start to disappear. In just over a week, this place will be back to being as empty as it was when we moved in about 10 years ago.

Fuck, that's a long time.

I might be going to that the Used gig after all causa bank holiay Monday. I love them, they mean I don't have to go in to the Job Center, but I still get my money. Woo!

It's odd that I wanna go cause I'm going to Taste Of Chaos, yet I wanna see their own gig. I guess it's cause I missed the Nottingham one cause of money(and I so wanted to go, that gig would've been one of the best ever: Madina, The Blackout and The Used all in one night).

I've been writing, but I've been laying down periodically causa this stupid damn chair. I'm totally getting a new one.

Now I'm gonna finish writing.
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