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The evacuation code signal

Ok, I'm not woke up by the workmen (who seem to have the day off) but am woke by the phone again. Seriously, can mum please stop ringing so I can get sleep. She's saying to bring stuff over today. Screw that, I'm not taking anything over until the carpets laid in my room.

I saw the carpet yesterday. It looks a lot like dried blood. I like it. I didn't think it'd be such a nice colour.

I've made a list of my posters that';ll be going up in there. About 60% of the ones in my room now are Mcfly/Busted, simply cause I'm hardly in there and I prefer to have the best ones by my workstation. So all of those'll go into storage.

I've done a list of the ones I've decided I'm gonna put up.

Big posters
Bullet (Floofeh hair)
FOB (Water pistols)
Blink (Emo Tom)
Ian (hips)
Panic! (whores)
MCR (schoolboys)

Smaller posters
All Madina ones
FOB Ice cream
The Used (Bert in straightjacket)
FOB (Builders)
30 Seconds poster
GC (Paul staring at Billy)
Bullet (guns)
Fightstar (Sneak)
Bert/wiL (kiss)
MCR (Black parade)
The Used (Reflection)
MCR (Kerrang awards)
Lostprophets (Kerrang awards)
MCR (NME shoot)
MCR (Bob on a box)
MCR (hats, clockwork orange shoot)
GC (Paul, mussed up hair)
Ian (singing in white)
Lostprophets (white)
FOB (water pistols)
All Bullet posters
MCR (Cinema)
Ryan (Rosevest)
Bert/wiL (removeable limbs)
Billy (Perdy)
Brendon (Make-up)
Fightstar (signed)

As well as that I decided on what's gonna go over when. The first lot's gonna go Thursday I think, then the second Friday and third Sunday/Monday. The last one should be over by the week after.

First shipment: Millenium Falcon, Star Wars figures from the table
Second: Clothes and MCR Black Parade jacket, Old comp
Third: Naboo Royal Starship, older Star Wars figures
Forth: Magazines, Star Wars lego, Star Wars dvds, Special Edition cds
Fifth: Dvds, Kit Fisto, MCR figures, Doctor Who figures
Sixth: Star Wars books, unicorns, orbs, Zero, signed stuff, posters, DS charger, DS, comp games, mini whiteboard, babu's art, Star Wars cards
Seventh: Bed, New comp, Tv, Wii, digi box, cammeras, Gamecube, N-64, dvd player, i-pod charger, tickets, Wii games, gamecube games, N-64 games

Today I'll rest and write until I get a call to be moaned at.

Yay for tickets to MCR on the 15th.

Also yay for my Star Wars bookmarks coming today.

I got Kerrang today as always. My main reason for getting it was the oh so pretty Madina (which has Nathan lying down and looking all sexful, plus extra hotenss of the twins smirking) and Bullet (which is with the guns which is so hot) posters (though I'm not putting them up causa lack of bluetack/pointlessness). There's several things about Madina's single which makes me all happy inside and a Dir En Grey thing I'll read later. I like wiL from Aiden even more now as he talks about some of the album songs and one is about being gay, which I think's brilliant.

One little annoying thing about Kerrang though: Why does there have to be a one date The Used gig in London two days after I come back? That is so totally not fair. Add a Birmingham date please.

Ok, next week's Kerrang is gonna be all kinds of awesome for two reasons. First is there's gonna be something with Madina, yay! Apparently that means they'll be on the cover which is even better. Second is a poster of Ray in leather looking oh-so-hot. Woo! Finally the Toro gets his own poster like he deserves (please let Bob get one soon too k?) < 3
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