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Pairing: Spencer/Zack Hall, Spencer/Ryan, Ryan/Zack
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bondage
POV: Zack
Notes: This is for meowshi who requested a Zack/Spencer fic. To me the title's a bit eh, but... I'm glad I'm on a roll with fic though.
Summary: Zack wants Spencer, Ryan decides to help out.
Dedications: meowshi for requesting bloodyhands, antontobias86, mikeyface, fastbetty31

I watched as Ryan finished handcuffing Spencer, securing the boys ankles to the bedposts, his eyes already covered by a blindfold. This had all been Ryan's idea. He knew how much I liked him because he was the only one I'd told. By told I mean he walked in on me jacking off over a poster of Spencer. I was embarrassed at being caught, but he just smiled at me. It was a smile I'd recognised on him, it was one that he did whenever he was about to do something. So he came over to me, climbed between my legs and suckled my cock until I came. He knew, as I did, that I thought about Spence and not him.

Now, two months later he called me over. Once I'd arrived, he pulled me into his room, shoved me into his closet and told me to wait. Wait and be quiet. When he bought Spencer in a few minutes later, I thought he'd just asked me over to come and watch them fuck. I watched as Ryan pulled off Spencer's clothes and tossed them around the room. I watched as Ryan removed his own clothes and pushed Spencer onto the soft mattress. Seeing Spencer naked made me want him even more. Ryan gripped Spencer's wrists with one hand and cuffed them, one by one, to the bedposts. Once he's bound, he whispers something in his ear and draps a blindfold over his pretty eyes, tying it securely.

Then, Ryan left the bed and came to me. He put a finger to his lips as he opened the closet, beckoning me out. His smile widened when he noticed my hard-on and he made motions for me to remove my clothes as he went back to Spencer's body, finishing restraining him. I didn't fully understand why he was doing this, or what he was getting out of this. He came over to me and planted his soft lips on mine. When they left mine, he spoke in a soft voice so that Spencer didn't hear. "Now, you can do what you like with him." He undid my fly, pushing my pants to the floor slowly. "I can watch, take pictures, film or join in if you like. Or I could just leave you to it, whatever you want."

I considered his words for a moment. I did want him to take pictures, so I had proof that this was real. But I also knew that it was Ryan who hacked into Pete's sidekick and unleashed those pictures upon the world. "Stay." He nodded and took a seat in a chair that sat along his wall and I approached Spencer's body. He looked so vulnerable laying there like that, spread eagled like that. I moved beside the bed and leaned down, covering his shiny lips with my own. Instantly he jerked in surprise, obviously realising that I wasn't Ryan. The stubble on my chin was obviously a dead giveaway.

Ryan decided to speak up, his voice soft and soothing. "Relax Spencey, I've invited someone to come and be with you. Don't worry, you can trust him, he's just shy that's all."

His words clearly had an effect as he stilled and started to nervously kiss me back. I massaged my tongue against his lips and he opened them willingly for my eager muscle. He purred around my tongue, lapping at it gently with his own. Right now, I was in heaven and Spencer was my angel. I parted from him and panted for breath and I noticed he was too. I smiled and kissed at his neck, running a hand over his belly lightly. "Ry... why's he so shy? He kisses so well." I blushed broghtly at his words, biting ever so lightly on his skin.

"He doesn't want you to know who he is." Ryan answered him, his tone the same as before. "He might want you to know later Spence, but not yet."

"Do I know him?" I extended my tongue over his shoulder, my fingers stroking his perfect thighs.

"Yeah, you do. But don't over think it Spence." I could feel him nod slightly and trailed kisses down his young, unblemished body. Unlike Brendon he didn't have any tattoos marring his beautiful skin. I suckled each of his nipples in turn, circling my tongue around the hardened bud. I'd never tell them, but before Ryan's impromptu blowjob I'd never done anything with a guy, despite wanting to. I didn't have either the courage, sexual prowess or attractiveness to have acted on my feelings. Ryan had all the things that I lacked. Maybe this was his way of trying to help me.

I licked a path away from his nipples, feeling him squirm as my stubble brushed against his skin. I dipped my tongue into his navel, circling it slowly within the small hole. Hearing him gasp in pleasure and feeling him squirm again made my cock throb. I moved my tongue from his belly button and traced it over the soft hair of his trail, pulling back when I reached his pubic hair to gaze at his hardness for the first time. For a few moments I was completely enthralled by the throbbing of his dick. The head was shiny with his precum and the shaft was thick, but not too thick. He looked a good size, but I wasn't exactly an expert on the subject. I looked to Ryan for some help, but he just gave me a sly smile and sauntered over to stand at the other sde of his bed. "Have you ever sucked a guy before?" I shook my head, my cheeks flushing red at my admission, but he didn't seem phased by it at all. "Ok. Spence, he hasn't given a guy head before, so I'm gonna demonstrate for him alright?"

Specner was barelly able to nod a response before Ryan's lips were wrapped around his head. I watched as Ryan inched his way down, hollowing out his cheeks as he did so. He got about halfway before sliding off to look a me, a small string of saliva betwen his soft lips and Spencer. "Right, did you see what I did there? You have to open up your mouth as wide as you can before taking it between your lips. Then you gently close them tightly around the shaft and slowly take as much as you want. You've gotta be very careful with your teeth, because they can hurt if you're not careful and I know you don't want to hurt Spence. Remember to breath through your nose. If you can, press your tongue against the undersdie and circle it around the tip. Guys love that. Now, don't worry if you can't take him all, most people can't take a whole cock on the first try, so just do the best you can. Alright?"

I nodded slowly, taking all as words in as he smiled at me again, placing a light kiss on my head. I hoovered my lips over his head, breathing on it to ready myself. Ryan was stroking my bare back lightly in an attempt to help me relax, which I appreciated greatly. The silence was broken, however, by a small voice above. "I know you'll do a good job. I trust you." I looked up at it's source, smiling at Spencer's perfect lips before taking a deep breath, opening my lips as wide as possible and moved to take his head between them. I kept my eyes on his face, lightly flicking my tongue over his slit as I got used to his soft flesh in my mouth. I breathed through my nose, slowly sliding my lips down his length, taking the first inch of him into my willing mouth. "Oh, that feels so good." I purred at his encouragement, which made him moan more.

Ryan chuckled beside me, clearly noting the surprise in my eyes. "Purring, groans or humming sends vibrations along his cock which are very pleasurable for him." One of his small hands was holding onto Spencer's hip, holding it down while the other cupped his balls. I pressed my tongue along his underside just as Ryan had instructed and smiled to myself as Spencer groaned again. I noted that Ryan's fingers had left his balls and he was now sucking on them just as I was sucking the cock between my lips. I wondered why he was doing that, but decided it was best not to question and instead focuss on the task at hand. Or rather the task at mouth. I sucked more of him into my mouth, pulling back slowly until just his salty head rested on my tongue. As I retook his shaft into my wet mouth, taking more of his pulsing length, I felt him moan and buck up unexpectedly. Ryan's lips were on my earlobe and he whispered in my ear. "I'm fingering his ass for you Zack." I squirmed, my own cock twitching at the mere thought of being inside him. "You want that don't you?" His voice was soft so that Spencer couldn't hear his words and guess who I was. I noted now how Ryan's slender middle finger was buried in Spencer's hole, a second one working it's way into join it. "Soon you will be."

I kept suckling on his shaft, closing my eyes to concentrate on pleasing him and taking the most I could into his mouth. I'd no idea how Ryan could do this so easily, I could barely manage half of him and I was trying my hardest to take more. Maybe I just wasn't a natural cock sucker like he was, or maybe it was because it was my first time. I withdrew again and twisted my tongue around him, delighting in the fact that I was causing his moans of pleasure.

"Ok Spence, I think you're ready for him." Ryan kissed my neck as he slipped his fingers out of Spencer, the older boy whimpering at the loss. He whimpered even more when I stopped sucking. "Do you mind if I take over?"

I shook my head as I moved onto the bed between Spencer's spread legs, admiring his beauty before I entered him. Ryan placed a hand on my large stomach before I inched towards his entrance and I looked down at his impish, little face, confused as to why he'd want me to stop so suddenly. "Spence, his dick's unlubed, do you want to wet him before he fucks you?"

"Fuck yeah." I shivered at his words as he rarely swore. Ryan nodded to me to proceed, so I crawled over Spencer, nervous as our chests touched. He didn't seem to react to the contact in any way, which I took as a good sign. I held my leaking length to his pretty lips, watching as his soft tongue darted out over it, giving it kitten licks to coat in with his wetness. He seemed to be smiling as he did it, though maybe that was just wishful thinking. I'd have gladly stayed there for hours if Ryan hadn't decided I was adequately prepared and pulled me back.

"You want to shoot in his ass don't you?" He was grinning as he said that and pushed me to where I was needed. Ryan was much stronger then he looked. I smiled and took my wet cock in hand, aiming it for his twitching pucker. It was a strange sight to see his wet asshole, with Ryan's girlish hands holding his cheeks apart so I could aim for it easier. I'd never seen one before and part of me want to reach out and poke it, though I wasn't sure why. "Don't just stand there staring!" I blushed at his words and pushed myself inside him, purring at the feeling of his tight warmth. I moaned as I pushed inside him, feeling Spencer's legs try to squeeze against me as best they could. Ryan was now laying beside him on the bed, kissing and licking at his stomach as I filled him. I slowly pulled back out, thrusting back inside him. For the first few thrusts his face looked a little pained, butthat went away once Ryan took his cock between his lips.

"Fuck Zack, you feel so good." I froze at Spencer's words, but Ryan didn't seem surprised by them. "Please don't stop Zack."

"H... how did you know?" I asked him, my first words since this all began, as I resumed ramming into him.

"Your stubble... and your belly." He moaned again, a smile clear on his angelic face. "Let me see you." Before I could do anything Ryan's hands were pulling the material that covered his eyes away. He blinked a few times, adjusting to being able to see again, before settling them on me. He scanned my body and then his lips curled into a very definate smile. "Kiss me. And fuck me so hard I see stars."

I lay over him, not caring that my weight was probably crushing Ryan's head, to plant my lips on his. This time it was his tongue that came out to demand entry to my mouth and I willingly opened for him. His ass muscles squeezed my length as his tongue twirled and danced around my own, our mouths swallowing each other's moans. Ryan's hair tickled my chest as he continued to suck Spencer off, his movements roughly going in time with my own. I couldn't quite believe how close I was already, even though I hadn't been inside him for much more then ten minutes. When our lips parted for the air we both needed, he whispered in the sexiest voice I'd ever heard. "Cum for me Zack, paint my insides, I know you want to." I couldn't help but do as he said and fill him with my load. "Fuck..." His hips bucked up, causing Ryan's head to be pushed tighter against my body. I knew that meant he must have been coming too and smiled, trailing my fingers over his glistening skin, purring his name as I pulsed inside him. His hole was milking me as best it could, but it didn't take long before we were both spent.

I collapsed on the bed beside him, opposite to Ryan and just watch him pant. He wasn't content to let me do that, so he leaned forward as best we could and we kissed again. It was a light kiss, not like the one before, just our lips touching and caressing each other. That was, until Ryan parted us, his face in front of my own. His cheeks looked full and he reminded me of a hamster. His face was covered in my own and Spencer's sweat and his hair was sticking out at made angles. I think he hadn't considered being sandwiched between us when he went down on Spencer. His lips collided with mine and at first I had no idea why he was kissing me, but it became clear as he parted our lips and let me taste Spencer's seed. I could see Spencer grin out of the corner of my eye.

Once Ryan's lips left mine he busied himself by undoing Spencer's cuffs from the bedposts and, as soon as his arms were free he had them both wrapped around my waist. "I hope we do that again, you were really good." I blushed at his words and tried to figure out what to say, but I was silenced by his finger at my lips. "I mean it, I want you to be inside me again. With or without Ryan."

I nodded, kissing his cheek lightly. "I'd like that, a lot."

Spencer rested his head against me, cuddling up close to me as his eyes lidding as he clearly stared to drift off to sleep. I never actually realised how tiring sex would be. Ryan climbed into bed with us, his small body curling up beside his best friend. I wondered what this made us. Some kind of threesome? Friends with benefits? As I looked down at Spencer's angelic face I realised something.

I just didn't care.
Tags: fic, panic! at the disco, ryan ross, ryan ross/spencer smith, ryan ross/zack hall, slash, spencer smith, spencer smith/zack hall, zack hall
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