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Be what you wanna be, see what you wanna see, you're going to anyway

I'm so tired, I hate mum.

First she wanted me to take her shoes over (which was three trips and another one tomorrow, why do women need so many pairs of shoes?). it didn't help that the gas people are blocking the front gate, so I hate to go all around the back. Bah. Then she decided today was gonna be a good day to move the wardrobe. Cue emptying it and trying to move it as it is, which failed as it can't get around the corner. Then we had to take the thing apart and reassemble it. I wish it was as easy as it sounds. It took us two hours to do it. So yeah, I'm tired from holding the stupid thing and carrying it. I'm not designed for lifting heavy stuff like that, that's for the het guys.

Or Ray or Bob.


Nan's apparently got pain in her legs. How exactly they know that is beyond me. What did they do? Poke her everywhere till she yells?

I think Tom and Lily are gone already. This makes me sad and mad.

I had a nice, if odd dream last night. Spencer and Brendon were in it and they were hermaphrodites. They were having sex and then thanked their 'daddy' who I couldn't see. Or I did and I just can't remember. Spencer being in it I can understand, cause he's hot, but Brendon? Not so much.

Ferard this and Ferard that. I swear that pairing is driving me insaner every single day. Never have I wanted two guys NOT to kiss as much as these two. Please make it stop before MCR becomes the Panic! fandom. Mikeyway come back now so Gerard can hump you like he's supposed to!

Gerard, there's three two other people in the band you could make out with besides Frankie. Let's be honest, Gerard and Ray would be hot, though Gerard and Bob would be hotter. Although it would also probably make the Bob die of shock or fuck Gerard on stage.

I'll be going to the Uk MCR tour in November at London (unless they add a Birmingham date before then). If Mikey isn't back then I'll hunt him down and drag his scrawny ass back.

I'm hoping to have four fics done by Sunday. Four seems to be a very mystical number, more so then five. I'm so optimistic about it causa doing fic last night.

The most likely ones to be done are:
Spencer/Zack (which I started last night)

The last two are gonna be either:

I'm gonna go lay down now.
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