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You Look So Beautiful Tonight

You Look So Beautiful Tonight
Pairing: Jepha/Bert
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jepha
Warnings: Crossdressing, necrophilia, kinda angsty.
Notes: This is one of those ideas that just came to me and had to be wrote. Most of my ideas come from dreams or something which inspired me, but this has no real... thing that caused it. Title's from the Saliva song Rest In Pieces.
Summary: Mikey sells Jepha Bert's body.
Dedications: batboy for the Jepha pics the other day, bloodyhands, antontobias86, mikeyface, fastbetty31 and anyone that voted in poll.

I paced around my living room, glancing around it at the various candles that lined the room. Each one was lit and their flickering light were the room's only sources of illumination. I then checked the clock in the dim light, making a note that it was only two minutes since I'd last checked it and I should probably stop. He'd be here soon enough. I gazed into the room's small wall mirror, making sure I looked perfect. Black lipstick coated my lips and my eyes were surrounded my both eyeliner and glittery eye shadow. I wore a midnight black dress, which covered my tattooed chest and stopped just below my crotch. When I didn't wear panties, like tonight, you could just about see the curve of my balls.

I almost jumped when I heard the door and knew that was my cue to go. I bit my lip nervously as I made my way to my front door. Even though it was only a few steps, it seemed to take forever to get there. Once I was though, I unlocked and opened the wood and glass door, gazing over the figure that I knew would be there.

Mikey Way didn't give me a second's thought, as he hauled the body in his arms passed me, only stopping to turn to me once he'd deposited his cargo on the coach. I shut the door and followed him slowly, carefully regarding him. Mikey was deceptively attractive which hid the fact that he was the creepiest person I'd ever met. He was a slim boy, two years younger then I was and wearing a pair of tight girl's jeans and a plain black t-shirt that clung to his small body. He wore glasses on the rim of his nose, even though he'd often talked of having laser eye surgery. Personally I thought if he lost them he'd just look more creepy, not that he'd care what I thought.

I gazed over the body that he'd carried into my home and dropped onto my furniture. He had long, black hair that hung messily passed his shoulders. His eyes were lidded, though his lips were slightly parted and his face had the slightest hint of blue to it. His bare chest wasn't muscular, but wasn't slender either, which made me wonder exactly how Mikey had carried him from his trunk into here on his own. He had a series of tattoo's on his right wrist, which I couldn't quite make out yet and a weird figure on the side of his body. His skin was pale, yet oddly luminous. My eyes followed his trail down to a pair of short, baggy pants which cut off at the knees so that his crotch was concealed from me.

"I'm so glad you don't have a chub fetish." I heard Mikey's voice break the silence, his words followed by a soft chuckle. "If you did, I'd have lost all feeling in my arms by now. Nice outfit by the way."

"Thanks..." I sighed softly, turning slightly to face him. I knew what he wanted now, he just wanted his payment and then I'd force him out the door. I was sure tonight wouldn't be an exception. "Tell me about him first."

Now it was his turn to sigh and roll his eyes behind the white and black rimmed glasses. "His name's Bert Mccracken. His driving licence says he's 25. I choked him with my dick. Is that enough for you?"

I nodded a little, knowing he wouldn't give me much more then that, even if I pressed him. "How much?"

"$150." I blinked at him, normally for a guy like this it was twice that. He seemed to pick up on my confusion as he decided to speak again. "He was looking at my brother."

"Ah." I nodded and thumbed though the bills in my wallet, which I'd left on my coffee table. I never understood why he was so protective of his brother, I was quite sure it wasn't terribly healthy. I counted the notes into his open hand until the desired amount was there, when he shoved the bills into his jeans pocket. "No, you're not watching."

He shrugged slightly, but I knew he'd have asked to if I hadn't said that. "Sure, whatever." He glanced at Bert once more before heading out into the hallway. "Enjoy him."

"I will." I watched him go, then made sure to lock the door once he was on the other side of it.


I'd moved Bert on the couch so he was sitting instead of laying once Mikey had gone. Then I'd prised open his eyes and sat beside him to watch a film. I'd decided on Fight Club, though I wasn't paying much attention to it. I'd seen it so many times I didn't need to watch it fully. Instead I trailed my fingers over Bert's skin, kissed and sucked on his neck and moved his hand to my thigh. I rested my head on his shoulder, content to just be beside him as the credits rolled. "Did you like that Bert?"

I smiled as I made his head nod slightly, then kissed his cold, blue lips. "I'm glad Bert." I held the wrist of his right hand and made it move along my thigh, purring at the feeling as his fingertips pressed against my hardness. My other hand ran over his belly, down to the waistband of his pants. "Do you want me to take these off?" I kissed his neck again, slowly removing the material down to his knees where they slipped to the floor. I was glad he'd decided to go commando as I now had full view of his crotch. His cock and balls were surrounded by a mass of dark, curly pubic hair. Of course, he wasn't erect, but I knew there was a chance he could be later. I'd seen it before, it was something called angel lust.

"You've got a nice dick, mind if I suck it?" I bent down, not pausing for the response I wouldn't get and took his softness between my black lips. I looked up him as I easily suckled his entire length, stroking his soft balls lightly as I did so. I could see his blank eyes staring straight ahead, but I pictured them looking down at me, his parted lips making soft groans of pleasure. My hand moved from his balls only to put his left hand on my head, so I could imagine him pushing me up and down his shaft. I pulled back slightly and slide off the couch, nudging apart his legs so I could get between them and suck him easier. I swallowed his length once more, squeezing my lips around the base and pressing my tongue against him. His cold dick soon became coated in my salliva and I couldn't taste him anymore. I slowly pulled back, removing my lips from him to gaze up at his peaceful face. "Bert, can I fuck you?"

I smiled, then lifted him up carefully and laid him on the couch on his stomach, stroking his ass lightly once he was in position. "Don't worry, I'll give you a nice rimjob to get you ready for me." I moved back between his legs, holding onto his slightly hairy asscheeks and pulling them apart with my hands. I leaned down and lightly trailed my tongue along the length of his crack, inhaling the faint scent of him. I followed the lick by a path of soft kisses, ending with one on his puckered entrance. I placed my lips on the ring, dipping my tongue inside and circling his walls. I knew that, normally, the walls would be twitching around my curious tongue and sweat from his ass would be surrounding it. I didn't care that couldn't feel or taste it though, I could always imagine what it was like. Imagining was all I did and I considered it being better then whatever the real thing could be. Living guys wouldn't listen to what I had to say, they wouldn't want to fuck on the first date and stay past the morning. Even if they'd want me in the first place.

I moved my tongue faster and deeper inside him, making out with his asshole. Slowly I pulled back from him, my hard cock throbbing between my length. I needed to be inside him, needed to be thrusting into his ass. I'd delayed my pleasure for long enough now. I lifted up my dress and mounted the couch. "I'm going to enter you now ok Bert? It might hurt a little more then normal cause my cock's pierced, but I'll go slow ok?" That was a lie and I knew it, but I still felt the need to say the words.

I pressed my pierced head against his entrance, easing myself into his saliva-slick hole. I kept my hands on his ass, holding the cheeks open as I rammed inside him fully. "Oh Bert, you're so tight!" I groaned loudly, digging my nails into his skin, feeling my ring tear apart his walls. That was another thing about living guys, they'd scream so loud once I was inside them but boys like Bert were nice and quiet. Beautiful and silent, like an angel, a perfect angel. I thrust roughly inside him, moaning softly in pleasure. I felt his blood coat my throbbing erection as I sped up within him, my silver ring causing more blood to spill from his body around me. I moved my hands from the curve of his ass, the fingers of my left one ghosting up his spine, while my right slipped beneath him to caress his cock. He was still soft, but I hoped if I hit his spot I might be able to trigger some soft of reaction from him. Sometimes, if I was really lucky, I could get a guy to cum. Sometimes.

I leaned over his body, biting his neck as I thrust deep. "You like that Berty?" I purred as I felt the faintest twitch of his cock, although that could just have been the force of my movements. I took his soft, wet length in my hand, stroking and squeezing it to try and get it hard. I hoped to at least get him aroused before I flooded his tight hole, but I doubted it. I kissed and nipped at his skin, noting how his pale skin became bruised and marred by my actions. I thought the marks made him look more beautiful. His cock jerked in my hand and this time I knew it wasn't me. "That's it, get all hard for me." I stroked at his shift as it hardened, thrusting faster as I did so. I often wondered exactly how angel lust worked, because there wasn't exactly a heart beat to drive the blood into the cock. Not that it really, truly, mattered to me right now. I kept stroking his length, although I knew I'd shoot before he would. I could feel my orgasm approach even now. I felt it from the tips of my toes to the bottom of my stomach. I could hold back for another minute, maybe two. I knew I could manage three if I really tried to hold on. I didn't try though and I was soon spilling my load deep inside him, moaning his name. I stopped thrusting into him, letting it take over as I pulsed deep inside him. Normally I shot three loads when I came during sex, but this time I felt myself spurt four times instead.

After a few moments, I moved out of him and pulled my dress down again. I knew there'd be a smear of blood and cum from my dick, but I didn't care. I sat between his legs, licking along his crack once more to collect our mixed fluids. His blood was coppery and cold, while my seed was salty and warm. I always loved how both tasted together, how both their flavors seemed to complement each other. Before I knew it, his soft passage was empty of the liquid.Sighing, I stood back up off the couch and rolled him onto his back. "Let's see if I made you cum Berty."

From off the coffee table, I picked up an empty syringe. I knealt beside him and carefully pushed the needle ino his soft sac. I bite my lip as I pulled on the plunger slowly, watching as the plastic cylinder filled with his cloudy semen. Once it was near completely full, I stopped and slide the needle from his skin and bought the syringe to his chest. I gently pushed the plunger back down, letting it drip all over his skin, making it look like it had landed on his skin from cumshots. It was almost an art to get it to look right and it took me about five minutes to get the spray patterns I desired. Finally satisfied, I rested the needle back on the table and acted as if nothing had happed. "Oh look, you did! I'm so glad I could make you orgasm!" I bent down and lapped up his cold load, moving quickly to make sure I got it all before it dried.

"Will you come to bed with me?" I reached up and tangled a hand in his dark locks and amde his head nod slowly. I smiled and reached under him, carrying him upstairs to my bed. His head was lolled back and I almost bashed it on each doorframe as I went through them. Once in my room, laid him down on my bed and pulled the blanket over him, removing my dress before joining him and snuggling up against his body. I hoped Bert would last longer then the others, I really liked the way he felt against me. I'd probably have a week with him, maybe two if I was lucky. I drapped an arm over his body and sighed contentedly. I'd have to get Mikey round to preserve the tattoo on his belly before then. I quite liked it.

I gazed at his face in the moonlight, raising my hand to his eyes and gently closing them, planting a kiss on his cheek once I'd done so. "Night Bert." And then I allowed sleep to take me.
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mccracken/jepha howard, fic, jepha howard, slash, the used
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