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I'm back and, stupidly, I wore my hoodie. Even though it was insanely hot once I was out. I hate that when I'm not wearing a hoodie, it's cold, but when i wear it it's warm. Bah.

I had the nice girl at the Job Center that I hasd last time, so she asked how I was and stuff. I like her more then the others which seem evil and bitchy.

I got the Dalek set, but I've left the Doctor in for babu. Dalek Sec can get on his hands and knees. (Can the makers release again him with a chain please?)

Watching Farscape's Meldown last night reminded me of Doctor Who's 4. Both had ships going towards a sun.

I got 4 bottles of Pepsi today. Both bags broke on the way home though, eep.

I got N-gamer and Nintendo magazine too. The Wii totally owns. By the end of this year I swear I'll have more games then I ever did on the Gamecube.

The ones I want:
My Sims
Guitar Hero III
Lego Stars: The Complete Sega
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Manhunt 2 (if it's ever released)
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Pokemon Battle Revolution

It's annoying that most of them are released at the end of the year cause I dunno which I'll get first.

Tonight I'll watch Ally Mcbeal and finish fic, so that'll be soon.

Also, got some lucky bamboo, so it's in a vase.
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