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Something, something, something, dark side

A quick post before I'm off to the place of evil. I'm gonna bullet point everything cause I have 5 minutes.

*Thank you to everyone that commented with pics last night, I didn't expected a response half as much as that and I really, really appreciate it. < 3 They'll be much help. All the pics=guh
*Block came back little, so I didn't finish fic as earlier as I expected, I think it'll be done today though, once I'm back
*I got 4 hours sleep before the postman came with my redelivery: but it's for mum not me
*Ally Mcbeal Season 2 came later on
*Manga Force sent issues too. WTF?
*From about 11 last night I've had nothing to drink, blissfully I'll be getting Pepsi today
*Today I'll be getting the Daleks pack, some Pepsi and maybe a dvd and magazines
*I'm wearing my We Are The Black Parade tee
*My I-pod thinks that The End and Dead! are tracks 3 and 4. WAH!

That's all. (I think.)
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